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Everyone can now access Phone Link for iPhone sync on Windows Users

Experience seamless iPhone synchronization on Windows with the newly available Phone Link feature.

By Indra ShambahamphePublished 7 months ago 3 min read
Phone Link

Experience seamless iPhone synchronization on Windows with the newly available Phone Link feature. Now accessible to all users, enjoy effortless connectivity and data transfer between your iPhone and Windows devices.

Microsoft has completed the rollout of Phone Link support for iPhones on Windows 11, making it available to all users. This feature, initially announced in February, enables seamless syncing of calls, contacts, and messages between iPhones and PCs, including limited iMessage support.

While Phone Link has been around for Android-synced desktop features since 2015, this marks the first time it has supported iPhones. The release was done in phases, starting with Windows Insider preview testers in late February and gradually expanding to all Windows 11 users by mid-May.

Phone Link for iPhone does have some limitations compared to Android phones. Although it supports iMessage syncing, group chats, sending images and videos, voice messages, and iMessage apps are not supported. Nonetheless, it serves as a convenient built-in service, eliminating the need to constantly switch between your computer and phone.

To get started with Phone Link, simply search for "Phone Link" in the Windows taskbar, open the app, and follow the setup instructions on both your iPhone and PC. Select iPhone as your device type, scan the QR code in the Phone Link app using your phone's camera, and grant the necessary permissions on both devices. Phone Link supports any iPhone running iOS 14.0 or later.

With Phone Link now accessible to all Windows 11 users, iPhone users can enjoy the benefits of seamless synchronization and enhanced connectivity between their devices.


1. Does iPhone work with Phone Link on Windows?

Yes, iPhone users can now use Phone Link on Windows 11 to sync calls, contacts, and messages between their iPhone and PC.

2. Can you link iPhone to Windows 10 Phone Link?

Phone Link for iPhone is specifically designed for Windows 11. It may not be available or fully compatible with Windows 10.

3. Is Phone Link the same as link to Windows?

Phone Link and Link to Windows are separate features offered by Microsoft. Phone Link is focused on syncing calls, contacts, and messages between iPhones and Windows 11 PCs, while Link to Windows provides a broader range of features for Android devices.

4. Can I use Phone Link on multiple computers?

Yes, you can use Phone Link on multiple Windows 11 computers. Simply set up Phone Link on each device following the provided instructions.

5. Why is Phone Link for iPhone not available on Windows 11?

Phone Link for iPhone is now available on Windows 11. If you are experiencing any issues, ensure that you have the latest Windows 11 updates installed and follow the setup instructions correctly.

6. Why can't I link my iPhone to Windows?

If you are unable to link your iPhone to Windows, make sure you are using Windows 11 and that you have followed the setup instructions accurately. Additionally, ensure that your iPhone meets the minimum requirements, such as running iOS 14.0 or later.

7. What are the benefits of linking iPhone to Windows 10?

Linking your iPhone to Windows 10 using Phone Link allows for seamless syncing of calls, contacts, and messages. It provides a convenient way to access and manage your iPhone data directly from your Windows 10 PC.

8. What is the advantage of linking a phone to a PC?

Linking your phone to a PC offers several advantages, such as easier access to your phone's data, the ability to send and receive messages, and the convenience of managing calls and contacts directly from your PC.

9. Is it safe to link a mobile with a PC?

When using official and trusted applications like Phone Link provided by Microsoft, it is generally considered safe to link your mobile with a PC. However, it's always recommended to exercise caution and ensure you have proper security measures in place to protect your data.


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