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Epstein's Buried Treasure Tunnel: FBI Prep Work, Ground Penetrating Radar and Jeff's Shady Suicide

FBI prep work may have identified subterranean tunnels

By Johnny VedmorePublished 4 years ago 8 min read

Jeffrey Epstein’s officially dead, or so it seems. It has been a long decade for the people who have been following the case on the independent media. For those who only watch the old mainstream news, it must feel like a sort of ephemeral dream-state. Most people had only just heard the name Jeffrey Epstein, and now he’s gone, but he is far from being forgotten.

This is not a story that will go away. Already the events have been compared to the Kennedy assassination, or that occasion when the World Trade Centre buildings were turned into dust before the eyes of the entire world. This is a major point in history that will never be forgotten.

The question that has been repeating in my mind, since the news of Epstein’s untimely demise, is if this was an assassination of a publicly marked man, then why would they have waited an entire decade before doing this? What had recently changed about the case that would force their hidden hand, or cause Epstein to end his own life? It may seem like there would be obvious answers for that. He had been rearrested and recharged, legal documents from the original trial had been unsealed and made public for the first time, and his accusers were now empowered adults existing in the “me too” era.

Epstein was actually jailed this time, where before he had been put in a cell with the door left open and allowed out whenever he wanted. His destiny was a lifetime in prison, rather than the trans-humanist Epstein utopia that had once been his vision. There were plenty of reasons for Jeff to feel like suicide was the only way out. I’m not sure if any of us can really relate to losing as much as Jeffrey Epstein had lost. He had gone from three “massages” a day, private jets, and complete control to being the public face of child rape. That’s a long way to fall.

Flight of the Navigator - Rusty Shackleford

However much Jeffrey Epstein wanted to kill himself, everyone knew that his selfish nature would probably never allow it. The associates of Jeffrey Epstein would have been extremely nervous whilst watching the news over the last official month of Epstein’s life. The people who Epstein had done any shady business with were all left exposed. Intelligence operatives could’ve been outed if Epstein had flipped. Many believe that powerful people such as Tony Blair were about to be named as child rapists. The Israeli intelligence connections had been all but confirmed and Ehud Barak was under serious pressure for his close ties to the billionaire child abuser. These famous and powerful people all had a motive for murder. But this had also been true over the last decade, so why act now?

I believe there may be something very obvious that had recently changed which almost every part of the mainstream and independent media had missed. A change in circumstances which led to Epstein suicide. I only thought about it when I saw the literal lines in the dirt from a drone above Epstein’s island of Little St James.

Many of you would never have heard of the name Rusty Shackleford before now. Rusty was a pseudonym used by a character called Dale Gribble in Mike Judge’s “King of the Hill.” Dale’s alter ego is a reflection of his paranoia of the US federal government. Since then Rusty Shackleford has been used by various people when posting sensitive information. The Rusty Shackleford account on YouTube was setup by a very brave drone owner. This video enthusiast has been flying his drone over Jeffrey Epstein’s private Island of Little St James in the US Virgin Islands. The drones 4K footage has documented the land from a bird's eye perspective and allowed everyone to see the infamous islands in great detail.

Every short clip that has been uploaded gives a clearer idea of the high flying lifestyle which Epstein enjoyed. From the enormous ornate sundial to his undomed freaky sex temple, all of the island is laid bare for everybody to see.

Lines in the Dirt

From the drone footage, there were so many things to take in and process. When I first watched them, I had been putting pen to paper on my Nicole Junkermann article, FBI documents were being unsealed, and the news was full of Epstein information. There were so many other issues which needed to be given a higher priority before Epstein’s death. Now that’s different, partly because the FBI have officially begun “raiding” the dead Epstein’s once secretive island.

When somebody is arrested and investigated by the legal authorities, there is a process which the investigating parties must adhere to. One part of that process includes the searching of property and this sounds easier in theory than in reality. Epstein’s islands are over 100 acres in size, and those islands contain just a few of his many known properties. Another nuance in the Epstein case is that he is believed to have kept extremely compromising information on famous figures. Recovering such information would be of a high priority.

Rusty Shackleford’s drone footage repeatedly showed straight and circular patterns in the gravel on Little St James, track marks similar to those left by ground penetrating radar or GPR for short. Ground penetrating radar has been used in many famous murder cases to locate corpses or underground rooms and tunnels, but there are complications with using GPR successfully on Epstein’s private island. The most significant performance limitation of GPR is when it is used on high-conductivity materials such as clay soils and soils that are contaminated with salt. As a small island, Little St James would be full of salt rich soils which would seriously limit conductivity and may only allow the user to penetrate 10-20 centimetres of earth.

It is likely that the FBI had already done preliminary search of the islands, to help them prioritise the search areas and tools required for uncovering hidden structures. GPR would be a necessary tool for the federal agents in mapping out the coming search. There is one part of the island that appears to have evidence of a very specific technique of GPR mapping. On the very first 11 second video released by Rusty Shackleford we can see a gravel mound with circular track marks on the top. I had only ever seen GPR used in straight lines so I contacted Dan Bigman, an expert in GPR and founder of, and I asked about the use of circular search patterns. The fantastically helpful Mr Bigman’s videos on his LearnGPR YouTube channel are a must watch for any investigative journalist wishing to learn the fine art of Ground Penetrating Radar. Mr Bigman got back to me very quickly and told me “There is a great short paper about data acquisition in circular transects for tree root mapping.” Mr Bigman went on to say, “Also there are some structural folks that would use it in a circular collection in the interior of a tunnel or some other cylindrical structure. The data would have to be warped to accurately place each 1D trace in its proper location and orientation.” Were the tracks evidence of the FBI mapping out a tunnel or another kind of subterranean storage space?

The activity on the island was not limited to vague tracks in salty earth. As only a regular reader of might be aware, on 25th July 2019, they reported that the EPA (the US Environmental Protection Agency) was on Great St James to conduct a “site visit”. It would be relatively easy for the FBI investigators to map out excavation sites, but any digging would have to wait for the EPA to arrive. You can be sure that if there is any compromising materials buried on the island of Little or Great St James, it is just a matter of time before it is recovered by the FBI. Which may be a reasonable motive for Epstein to commit suicide, as his continued concealed possession of such information would have been his only bargaining chip. Epstein would be aware that the full truth would be too much to fight.

Epstein’s Unfortunate Fate

The circumstances surrounding the death of Jeffrey Epstein are very suspicious. There are many people who believe that he is still alive, smuggled out of the jail the night before and now living the high life in Israel. But I don’t believe that the powerful people who could have managed such a risky operation have the same respect for the sanctity of life as the proponents of that theory. Jeffrey Epstein was a disposable asset and his time was up.

I believe Jeffrey Epstein was "suicided" in a sense. I believe that he would have been told that he would be given a chance to end it all. He was taken off suicide watch and a window of opportunity was created for him to do it before others did it for him. He tied his recently returned standard prison issue clothing around his neck and succeeded in hanging himself. His nostrils flared and his face turned purple as the body kicked and eventually he was dead.

But this story is not over. Be sure that hundreds of thousands of people will be examining all the evidence and pushing for more action. We can only hope that the victims of Jeffrey Epstein can still get the justice they seek. Whether it’s through Epstein’s death, or more incriminating evidence of his high power bribery, I believe that justice will be found buried in the dirt.


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