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Donald Trump

by Shasta Scott about a year ago in trump
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Donald Trump
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First: I hate politics. The rules seem to change and unless your memory from high school is spectacular or you keep up because you want or need to for a college course, it's difficult to know exactly where politicians stand.

Second: I don't considered Donald Trump to have been a politician, even after having been in office. It may be a personal thing, that I saw you as a business man and find it hard to see you as anything else.

The results of the 2016 presidential election threw the United States in shambles. I myself believed a second civil war would come about because of how divided people became. Even in my own family and relationships riffs were caused because of our conflicting ideologies in our political beliefs.

Black Lives Matter movements made headway throughout every news media as you made racists comments and inappropriate remarks in addressing the deaths of innocent lives lost. You're view on international travel and immigration confused me, because your wife is an immigrant. I applaud her for taking office next to you under her own scrutiny of her past performances in pornography surfaced.

I think it goes without saying, but I will say anyways, your presidency faced a lot of anger and hatred. I chose and still choose to stay on the neutral side of politics because I believe both Democrats and Republicans as well as Liberals and Conservatives are doing what the believe is right. What they believe is the best route to facing the nations problems like starvation, homeless veterans, mistreated children and animals, and global warming and everything in between from natural to man made catastrophes.

I purposefully turned a blind eye these last 4 years because I didn't know what to expect from your presidency. I couldn't get away from it all together, after all you are/were our 45th president. After watching videos of the campaign and hearing you contradict yourself, I like many Americans, I would assume, saw myself in you. Siding with one ideology only to side with the other moments later. Maybe, at the core of who you are, you really don't want to offend anyone.

I don't know what it's like to be you. You are a white upper class American male, and I am a middle class white half-immigrant female. The only similarity we shared was in the color of our skin and having a loved one who wasn't born in America.

I honestly didn't understand why people were so angry that you were running for president, before you chose to run, I had only known you as the business man who had many successful and many unsuccessful business attempts and that you guest starred in movies from time to time. I don't really expect to understand either.

From the articles I have seen recently, you have been impeached. I am sorry that this is how history was written for you. I think you could have done amazing things if our nation weren't already as divided as it is.

No president, no matter how heinous, deserves the backlash you endured your entire presidency. If you did good deeds, the media only focused on the bad. Thank you for signing the stimulus bill. I hope as you make your transition out of office that what you've always done.

I have met people who both love and adore you and people who are passionately against you. You're presidency has shown me people's true colors, their breaking points, where they draw the line with respect and authority.

Donald Trump, sir, enjoy your retirement, but please, don't come back!

I've never been more confused in my life by what is happening in the political world that is supposed to be running my life.


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