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"They hurt people who weren't doing anything wrong. Even Mommy, why?"

By 'Vive AkughaPublished about a year ago 3 min read
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Robyn was always kind but extended that kindness into different areas. Her activism and connection to her African descent are ridiculed by Harper as they argue after their divorce in Shelby and Quentin's apartment. Robyn is upset and disappointed seeing that he filed for Mia's (Blake Aria Hendricks) custody after she brought up wanting to take Mia to Ghana with her. The conversation went like this:

R- "No, I'm done talking. Just let me go."

H- "Then go! But Mia is staying."

R- "Fuck you, Harper! You are a piece of shit!"

H- "Fuck you! You fake African 'Kunta Kinte'. Go!"

R- "Fuck you! You fucking 'Uncle Tom' Clarence Thomas"

H- "Leave! Go! Go!"

R- "Get that stick out your ass! Fuck you!"

H- "Get out of my face."

Wikipedia describes the term 'Uncle Tom' as:

The term "Uncle Tom" is used as a derogatory epithet for an excessively subservient person, particularly when that person perceives their own lower-class status based on race.

and Urban Dictionary describes it as:

1. A derogatory term for an African-American individual who doesn't stand up for racism, esp. about their own race

2. A derogatory term for an African-American who makes attempts to please "the white man"

Harper ridicules her dedication by calling her a "fake African 'Kunta Kinte'." Wikipedia describes the term 'Kunta Kinte' as:

Kunta Kinte is a character in the 1976 novel Roots: The Saga of an American Family by American author Alex Haley. Kunta Kinte was based on one of Haley's ancestors, a Gambian man who was born around 1750, enslaved, and taken to America where he died around 1822.

and Urban Dictionary describes it as:

4. An African-American that lived in the 1700s. As a teenager, Kinte was captured in Africa by white slavers, taken across the Middle Passage, sold into slavery in Spotsylvania County, Virginia, USA, and renamed "Toby." Kunta Kinte is Alex Haley's great great great great-grandfather.

2.Slur used by white suburban teens to degrade members of the black race.

Image credit: Screenshot by me

To persuade Robyn to get a new home outside of Harlem despite making it known that she likes being around and serving her people in Harlem, Harper said, "I do too. Black people are everywhere. And I'm sorry, but gentrification is here in Harlem now. I mean, look at all these Becky's and Liam's.". When she got arrested after a protest, they had a serious discussion. At the time of picking Robyn up from the police station, distraught Mia said, "They hurt people who weren't doing anything wrong. Even Mommy, why?". Robyn believes, "We had every right to be there and to resist unlawful intimidation. In fact, it's kind of our duty if we want to live in a democracy." as she said. Harper says, "What were you thinking? As soon as those cops came, you should have had Mia out of there. Robyn, you can't be out in these streets. You are a mother.". Fed up, Robyn said, "Hey, enough. I made sure Mia stayed safe. And I'm also making sure she knows how to stand up and make a difference." which he responds to saying, "Well, we gotta figure out a better way to teach her than you getting hauled off in handcuffs by cops in riot gear.". There are multiple ways to make a difference, some are pacifists and others are not.

This was originally written in my "The Best Man: The Final Chapters tackles racial issues." write-up.

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