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Different kinds of empowerment.

"Most people are invested in the private prison system without even knowing it."

By 'Vive AkughaPublished 9 days ago 4 min read
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Jordan did not continue her relationship with Demetrius (Brandon Victor Dixon), who had been pursuing her because he was a huge investor in prisons. She thought this was horrible and worth breaking up with him as she was hesitant to even get with him after he broke her heart in college. She was so smitten by him then and feared getting too close to be hurt by him but eventually let him in before the discovery.

Jordan asks Shelby for a favour to snoop on Demetrius and during her investigation, she finds out, "Infinity Investment Holdings is a shell company. It's the second-largest investor in private prisons in the U.S". Struggling to take care of herself, Jordan is displeased with this as Shelby expected and said "I'm sorry, J." in her audio recording.

Jordan saw Demetrius investing in prisons as a way of sponsoring the defeat and struggles of Black people as she said, "Demetrius, I don't think our values are in alignment." and "Fighting for diversity and inclusion is a reminder of how dedicated I am to the empowerment of Black people. You are actually invested in the disempowerment of Black people.". Although, he said, "Most people are invested in the private prison system without even knowing it.". Disappointed, Jordan points out that those people are not exercising choice like he is and he says, "Yes, and I choose to rebuild to re-educate. I choose to replace staff and transform the cultures within the prison that I invest. If you want change, you make change, right? I can love my people, J, and still go where the money is, and then reinvest that back into Black people.". He saw it as a way of being a part of the system to help out for a purposeful and safe reformation of prisoners. He saw this as his way of helping the Black community.After his explanation, she said, "That's your choice, if that's what you think." which replied to saying, "And that's all that matters, right? You decided what you believe in, and so you're going to be judge and jury and condemn me?". Before he wishes her well and leaves, Jordan says, "I know what I know and I keep saying to myself, 'What if I didn't know?', 'What if I didn't find this out?' and the problem now is that I can't un-know what I already know.".

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Jordan experiences her own form of judgement for her choice of empowerment. Jordan tried actively to form a round-table talk show and recruited a lady, Anita Roberts(uncredited) from her failing show. She tells Patrick (Doug Chitel) checking in to see how things are going, "I've wined and dined Anita, made her feel appreciated, and explained to her why we had to cancel her show. By the time we got to dessert, hmm, she was thirsty for the fourth seat in From the Culture.". This was after she told Anita, "Nope. Absolutely. We are definitely still on. No, you are - you are a huge priority.".

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Shelby calls her to inform her about the effect of this decision. People were upset about this and voiced their opinions on Twitter making several opinionated tweets as a "part one of twelve" and creating memes of her to express their disappointment. She was called a sell-out for using a Black woman's demise for her rise.

Later on, she meets with all the girls and talks about the hate she's receiving saying, "Oh, my God. I cannot believe Black Twitter is still dragging me like this. This is craziness. People are really lucky I keep it classy, 'cause I could really go in on these coward-ass, clapbacking, Twitter-fingers wannabes.". Candace says, "Well, look. You know how important her show was to the culture and you didn't save it. That's why people have questions." after Jordan calls her out for sitting in judgment. Jordan responds saying, "Do you not understand? Candace, I gave her the perfect segue. I invited her to a new show with three Black female co-hosts and now I am scrambling to try to find a fourth personality that's relevant and that can move the needle.". It is known that 'business is business' and it's cut-throat requiring you to be persuasive in order to get results as well as reach targets but different things matter to different people.

This was originally written in my "The Best Man: The Final Chapters tackles racial issues." write-up.

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