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Dearly Beloved

by Dearly Beloved 2 years ago in activism
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Dearly Beloved

We are gathered here today , to bury another body to put another father,Brother & a mother’s son away.

Dearly beloved

How many body’s willl they stack. how many lives will take how many lives will we never get back. How many tears should I shed how many days should grieve how many protests and riots until the world understands the answer is equality. It’s equality we demand But it’s justice we must see it is not justice for one person but justice for you him and me

Dear white people

When will our fight be done when will we truly feel as one when will we stand together without fearing YOU the white man pulling out a gun. killing a boy killing our babies over a toys. Oh shit Oh well that was an accident oh no we did it again oh look this niggers running let’s shoot him down and hunt him like he’s prey, let’s run up in their houses a fire random shots let’s give them hell before we give them love. Let’s make a mockery out of black people let us talk to them anyway let’s handcuff them and beat them because we have the power no will object to what we say. no one question my decision no one will question my choice let me make up my own rules and go on a killing spree because I’m a white American I have a Dominant privileged powerful voice. Let’s see what else you say let’s have us party and get carried away Let us cut off circulation by kneeling on his neck but take down Colin Kaepernick for kneeling with respect


Dear Lil white girl

Don’t think I forgot about you boo from your head to your toes look at how cultural appropriation becomes you. No. I’m not a project No you can not touch my hair. You can not ask me if my lips are because your almost certain they are fake. You wanna touch my hair as if it’s a trophy but slander me on gram lil girl you don’t know me I’m a black huntyyy sis we throw these hands. You laugh that I ain’t got a daddy that’s because your daddy killed mine then #AllLivesMatter but forget you life ain’t at risk #itsmine. You wanna be like me look like me arch your booty on the gram but when comes to protesting you are whiter than a lamb your as silent as a mouse yes. Your a little to silent for me your in an overcrowded house waiting for the noise to silence but let me tell one time SILENCE. it’s a no from me. I fight for me and mine this “NOISE” will never muted , white people crossed the line now it go to I’ll see you at the revolution

Last but not least

Dear Mr White man Sir

Do you like it when I call you that. Does that make you feel strong does it run shivers down your back. Tell me Mr White Man Sir what exactly gets you going is it the red blood stains from my ancestors pain or from the money you gain from each life that is slain. Enough is Enough Sir I tell you now a piece of advice if you will for if anymore lives are lost before dawn there will be a war forming. There is a revolution Mr White Man Sir and oh boy is it coming there it is can you hear that I hear it it’s the silent distant drumming, I hear the distant marching I tell you it is near.Stop killing our men it’s a disgusting trend but for now this is where our sweet encounter must end

I promise you sir we will meet again

Thank you and Good Night


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