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Dear Theresa...

by Ellen Hornberger 5 years ago in humanity
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An Open Letter

With a swift yet pugnacious jostle from the relative stability of being one of the top ranked nations within the European Union, the Conservatives have once again cast Britain into the throes of emerging from an avoidable situation, most notably one that would have maintained said stability, as well as economic prosperity. The contemporary word is Brexit.

When Scotland called for a referendum in its own Parliament in September 2014, it was the first time in history that the chipper nation to the north had a reasonable chance to attain independence since the time of Robert the Bruce. How it must have felt in the streets of Glasgow and Edinburgh and Aberdeen to have pipe dreams of an independent nation shattered by one tenth of the vote. Heart-wrenching to say the least, PM May. What the Scots understand and hold dear, which the Conservatives do not, is a sense of understanding of the people's needs at a national level; to be more accurate, Scots who voted against independence are wholly subdued by the guise of the British Parliament having their best interests at heart. At the time of the referendum, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon gave hope to her nation that they would see independence, and finally be able to stand alone in the world without interference from the British Government. Then on September 14th 2014, the vote was levied and Scotland would remain in the UK. Theresa, I illustrate all this to bring to your attention that the movement of independence is to serve as a wake-up call to your Conservative leadership. You say, with little confidence (about anything really), that you wish to protect Britain and its interests by exiting the European Union. How? What is the overall benefit to Britain? Is it really Britain you wish to protect, or just England, or do you even know at all?

When a government states that leaving an economic community is for the benefit of its people and the national economy and security of borders, therein must lie the course of action to be taken; granted, some space is permitted for shifts and unexpected events. No government should put forth a desired paradigm to shape its nation without having a plan to back it up. This is one of countless reasons with your jock neighbors decided to vote on independence. This is one of the reasons why Europeans are shaking their heads at such a gaff. This is one of the reasons why even Americans are scratching their poignantly empty heads at your decision to step out of this monumental project, of which the UK has been a member since 1973. Theresa, be a leader. Clearly, it wasn't in the cards for Corbyn to be PM - at least not now. Who knows with the next general election? Maybe he'll grow his bollocks to eclipse and defeat your blunder.

Having to face a new Britain in a new world in general times of uncertainty, this will certainly be a challenge of unforeseen measures. What will you have done to truly show that Brexit is the way to go? Who will do your plumbing, tiling, carpentry, road repairs, and electrical work? If Brexit already has immigrant Poles, Lithuanians, Estonians, Czechs, and Italians shaking in their boots about their futures in the UK, what could you possibly offer them as a recompense? A tax break, perhaps. A discounted rent on a council estate. Having to explain to EU citizens that their residencies in another until-recently member nation are hereby invalidated has caused economic and social unrest, and will continue to do so. These aren't the days of total war where Churchill rallied Britons to stand together against their adversaries. Labour have shown their commitment to providing workers with safety and stability. Here's hoping you and your Conservatives can bring yourselves to see what disability this will bring to Britain. Theresa, I urge you to sleep on it. Please, or forever will you remain the Prime Minister who abandoned the European Union and its citizens within your borders in favor of an independent Britain. I duly acknowledge and respect the need for sovereign rights, and I also understand your concern for safety, but may I remind you that one of the pillars of the European constitution from 1995 is the right to freedom of movement. Why disengage from this? You're shooting yourself in the foot and you'll have no one to lean on. I shall lean on a cuppa and ponder it some more at the moment. Join me if you care.


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