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Dear Mr. Trump, An unpopular opinion.

by Ashanty Feb 8 months ago in trump

Rough week , huh ?

Hi Donny!

I really do hope this letter finds you well.

Know what? it Looks like it might soon be “Rough Year” for you if experts are anything to be believed. By the time you read this you may have already relinquished the world’s toughest job; Either by your own volition or by the people in congress who would love nothing more than to see you in chains.

Funny, it seems like almost all of America (and other parts of the world) seem to think it is of the utmost importance that you are publicly shamed. I Believe after your presidency; the state of New York has already vowed to get its hands on you, where you will face as they say the music for crimes past.

I grew up here in New York; Born and raised. I consider myself an optimist, almost to the point of foolishness. I also consider myself a Realist. So it balances out. I hate following trends (People say it’s because I'm an Aquarius) and I feel yucky when I jump to conclusions without getting all the facts. I think alot , and I consider myself a natural at looking at all sides of a story before making a decision. I consider myself kind, and at the time of this letter I consider myself part of the small group of people that actually feel sorry for you.

You see Mr. President; you will now finish your term having survived 2 Impeachments, like 96 scandals, Several faulty tan jobs, 1 pandemic and to some, the loss of the election. Twice.

There were two things however, I regret to inform you, you did not survive.

When you first took office; in a speech that would give your most fervent supporters their FAVORITE Donald trump quote you said you would “Drain the swamp.”

You promised to expose the corruption that is rooted in our government. You vowed to shine light on the rot and pledged to sterilize the festering wound that was our congress. The seditious protestors leapt with joy. The anti –Vaxxers screamed with glee and I believe some flat-earth believers even cried. They were moved, I’m sure. Here you were; a conspiracy theorists wet dream.

Unfortunately, Mr. President, in promising all these things you managed to piss of the one thing that would make or break the 4 years of your term. The one thing that in the end would be the grand designer of your downfall.

The Press.

Now To be fair Donny, you called them fake early on which is a big no-no in any relationship. "Fake News" or any other name-calling can be hurtful. Then, for what appeared to be no apparent reason other than to boost your own ego, you started going head-to-head with reporters. You threw insults at them and the networks they came from. It seemed you were determined to remind people that the position you now held required a certain level of respect.

But honestly, who can blame you? You were the president of The United States! The leader of the free world! The Big Kahuna! Why would these reporters think they can question you?

Welp, because they can, It's their job; and so they did.

You obviously did not like that and so you started controlling who can attend your press conferences, and who cannot. The first unofficial declaration of war against the press. Check.

And The media, being who they have always been, decided it was time to start controlling how the public thinks and feels about you. Check mate.

To be quite honest Donny, this is probably the moment where I started feeling bad for you. You see, I genuinely believe you were doomed from the moment you decided to be outspoken about what you were thinking. In this day and age, you are free to think whatever you'd like, but speaking about it though? Rookie mistake. Unless what you have to say is pandering to the legions of people who now get offended over monkeys on shirts, being honest about what you think- is Something that is slowly becoming taboo in this overly sensitive culture.

Early on in your campaign you promised to build a wall along the Mexican Border. An idea that was super popular amongst your supporters. You uttered the words of what is now one of your other now-famous quotes:

“When Mexico sends its people, they're not sending the best. They're sending people that have lots of problems and they're bringing those problems. They're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime. They're rapists and some, I assume, are good people, but I speak to border guards and they're telling us what we're getting." - Donald Trump

The media of course had a field day. They had a Ball, Darling. They called you a racist, a bigot and just plain evil for even proposing this wall. Because if you did not know Mr. Trump; this country was built on the backbone of immigrants.

They simply could not believe you were stopping people from being able to stroll right into the land of the Free. Nevermind the fact that there is still Legal immigration available. That is completely besides the point. Nevermind the fact that Hillary Clinton herself was an adamant supporter of a wall by the border and voted for it several times. We’re talking about you here!

Let’s not even think about the fact that the people who want to come in illegally, probably have a reason for wanting to do so.

Millions of Social-Media and keyboard activist wanted to know what exactly you meant when you said “Not good people” ?!

How could you be so cruel?

I mean, who cares that there are various locations along the border, where you will find Trees border patrol agents call "Rape Trees”?

What does it matter that these Trees are ornamented in Bras and panties?

Who cares that These trees mark the location where Females crossing the border make what is assumed to be their final payments? It's not important that as a sort of ritual, they are raped while they wait to be loaded into trucks, and their bras and panties are taken as trophies and flung on to the branches.

Never mind that some of those heartbreaking panties look oddly small with Cartoons on them.

How dare you? Why would you assume the character of the people illegaly crossing the border Mr. Trump?

Now as someone who has never been too fond of extremes, I don’t usually Claim right nor left in my political affiliation. Both parties get it wrong in my humble opinion. But any American with just a little bit of logic and research into border patrol stories would probably agree that this wall was maybe a good idea. But why would anyone agree with you?

I truly don't know how successful you were in exposing the corruption in the government Mr. Trump, but if I may say, it was with a BANG that you started your journey on exposing the most cancerous habit the united states has.

Cancel Culture. Cancel Culture brings me to the second thing you would not go on to survive during your term.

Social Media.

Soon after you took office and tweeted your days away, there were videos and reports of kids in cages along the border. Families with young children living in the most abysmal conditions. Rows and rows of fencing dedicated to housing the souls waiting for re-deportation or admittance into the United states. At that time, the government you were now mostly in charge of decided to let news stations in to hopefully showcase that the people in the facilities were being treated humanely.

I think Mr. Trump your team must have forgotten that this is the press; and YOU, at the time, were the president.

There was of course instant uproar.

Again, you were called an Evil person with no soul. How could you do this? Nevermind the fact that the Obama administration built the cages in 2014. How could you do this? Videos were uploaded and re-shared online and you Mr. Trump, were at the beginning stages of being cancelled.

In all seriousness, to anyone paying attention it was quite easy to see how the press was pouring fuel on the masses and social media was lighting the match. There was really nothing you could do about it; you have already lost. Everything you did if not ignored would now be narrated with a tone of disdain.

You signed into law a travel ban that was handily renamed the "Muslim Ban" by the press even though it included countries like Venezuela and North Korea. So what? Muslim Ban had more of a je ne sais quoi… More of a shock value if you will. The press was determined to make you their piñata and Social Media ate what came out.

Because you were now cancelled Mr. Trump. Criss, Cross over all your pictures.

If the media said you were a racist and social media believes it? Who cares if you signed into law a bipartisan bill that will permanently provide more than $250 million a year to HBCU’s, along with a dozen other institutes that serve large shares of minority students? It simply does not matter. Because the court of public opinion has spoken. Who cares that you once dated Kara Young, beautiful Model of African American descent for two years? .. you were a racist cause they said so. Retweet.

Now do not misconstrue the message of this letter Mr. Trump, In all Honesty I would never want to be your friend.

I hate having to fake laugh at unfunny jokes and let’s just say Your “grab ‘em by the pu**y" joke wasn’t as funny as you were led to believe. (It is beyond me why the imbecile you were with on that fateful day was laughing as hard as he was.)

But seeing as how I am not your personal friend; I really don't care about the jokes you make in private. Maybe it’s my New York sense of humor- or Jaded-ness, But I wasn't mad about it either. The outrage that poured in from all parts of the World Wide Web seemed a little extra to me. But Unfortunately for you Mr. Trump, we live in a day and age where we are singlehandedly destroying our first amendment. Freedom of speech. Why? because its social media and everyone has a right to be offended. Oh well.

(I also think as a friend you would not tell me if there was a virus, I might have to keep an eye out for, even If you knew months ahead of time. and that? That’s just mean. )

But I will say this, I don’t think you were the worst thing to happen to this country as some would have you believe.

“The worst president this country has ever had” would not take on the pharmaceutical companies like you did by signing an executive order on July 24, 2020 that lowers drug costs for patients.

“The worst president we have ever had” would have us stay in the Paris Climate accord. You know the one. The deal that had us carrying the brunt of cost and responsibility, although china who is one of the biggest offenders of rising emissions would not contribute till 2030. You removed us the way any sensible president with no hidden loyalty toward china would if he finds his country in an outrageously bad deal.

No, I don't think you were the worst. But nobody wants to hear about this, Donald. No one wants to speak about this and other good things you may have accomplished during your term because that would require a level of consideration & reasoning that we as a society just don’t have anymore.

It’s just more IN to not like you. It’s what all the cool kids are doing.

Do you understand this Mr. Trump? Do you understand how you’ve exposed the lengths we as a society will go to just to be part of the popular crowd? Just to get those likes? How we are all okay with being part of a lynch mob because we didn't like what someone said/did/tweeted?

When you took office you probably envisioned leaving behind a great legacy. What you did not factor in was the age of social Media. The age of Cancel Culture. The age of using trigger words like “insurrection” and the effect it would have. How could you know that in the summer of 2020 The Media would be applauding a violent uprising against an authority (which is the literal meaning of Insurrection) and then on January 6th, 2021 condemn a mob of doing almost the same thing just because it was in your name? You couldn’t.

As I said before I'm usually an optimist Mr. Trump. But you've exposed a problem in this country that I feel is just beginning to rear its ugly head. No, you won't be remembered for the positive thing you've done. Because who cares? No One is looking for good news anymore.

Bad News gets more views.

But if it’s any consolation Mr. Trump, I think you're not going to be referenced as much as you think you are in the History books that will soon be written.

If we continue on the route we're on, I think you might be the least of our regrets. If anything, when we come to our senses, No matter how far off that may be, I have a feeling you might be something said in Passing "Afew more offensive comments like that, and were gonna have to call him President Trump."

I believe in the end you might Just be a Tragic footnote in a story written about a tragic culture.

Or It may just be that we might one day be able to look at things logically instead of emotionally.

But as I've said before , I'm an optimist. Almost to the point of foolishness.

Thank you for the 4 years Mr. Trump, for better or for worse. I hope you can recover. Welcome back to the other side of the blind leading the Blind.




Ashanty Feb

Just your regular girl from NYC.

Super Dominican and always kinda sleepy.

Keto Lover. Scar Kisser.

Please excuse any grammatical errors; Message most likely sent from my iphone.

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Ashanty Feb
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