Dear Donald
Dear Donald

Dear Mr. President,

An open letter from another millennial who's lost all hope.

Dear Mr. President,

I don't really know where to start. I knew that things were going to change when I heard that you had been voted into the White House, but I didn't realize how drastic that change would be.

I didn't realize I would be marginalized and discriminated against at the airport because of my accent or my nationality. That I would be questioned repeatedly about my "illegal intentions" to make a better life for myself in the so called great United States of America.

I didn't realize that the color of my skin left me unprotected and vulnerable to those around me who have been hiding in the shadows all this time. I didn't realize that prejudice was normal and something that you would endorse.

I didn't realize that I would feel unsafe in public places, because the rhetoric spewing from the top normalized sexual abuse and racial slurs. I didn't realize that you would openly advocate for discrimination and make me feel even smaller in this great big American world.

People used to think that they could make it here. That they could find happiness here. Peace, stability, a home. They were wrong. You, Mr. President have ruined the American dream.

I have never felt more unsettled in my life than I do now in your America Mr. President. The America that you say isn't great enough because it has too much diversity and freedom of expression. The America that you think is weak because it refuses to sideline people because of their differences. The America that you think isn't great because Mexicans are, and I quote, "taking over".

I am just so tired Mr. President. I'm tired of switching on my T.V. every morning and hearing only bad news, or another scandal that you and your government are involved in. Another shady deal, another dishonest memo.

I'm tired of seeing people lose their jobs and lose access to affordable healthcare. I am tired of seeing people being put on the back burner while you continue to run the government like you run your businesses. Crudely and without any heart.

I don't know what's going to happen to my generation and the generation after me if you stay in power. I hope we never have to find out.

From where I'm standing, millions of people will be unable to get the affordable medical treatment they need. Millions more will be unable to hold their jobs as they have to find way to care for their children after school. Thousands will lose quality education. Millions, dare I say billions, will be affected by global warming caused by irresponsible companies.

I don't even know how many will be victims of racial crimes committed by people who listen to you advocate for such atrocities.

Whatever happens, all I know is that I hope we all heal from this period of history, and most of all, that we never have to go through it again.


Just another tired, hopeless, downtrodden millennial.

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Dee C
Dee C
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