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Dear Herman Wilkins

by Cheryl Manon 10 months ago in humanity

May I Join You in Mexico City?

I just read your letter to Mr. Trump and wish I could join you in your hiatus in Mexico City. It looks like the perfect place to restore, revive and renew your body, mind, and soul. I love all the bright colors - they excite the artist in me. Half of Americans could use such a leave of absence, and I think Mr. Trump should pay for us all to take a vacation to recover from his derelict shenanigans. After all, we paid for all his golf trips. The other half, aka Trump supporters (the kindest way I can identify them) should be bussed (on a non-air conditioned bus) to the border, pushed off the bus as it keeps rolling, coerced by “bad hombres” into the river, and when they try to come back across be herded into cages, made to share a single toilet, sleep shoulder-to-shoulder on concrete floors, and scramble to catch rolls of paper towels being casually tossed among them. Let the punishment fit the crime.

Had you actually ranted and recalled all that has happened at his tiny little hands that seem to play an invisible accordion while his overinflated narcissistic ego showers himself with praise for unsubstantiated accomplishments, you might have missed the challenge deadline! In my mind's eye, I can see a skeleton with cobwebs growing between its fingers still on the keyboard and the story stalled somewhere in the middle of page number 428 and offense number 1,965.

Just when we thought he couldn’t surpass his own vileness and shameless vulgarity, he incites an insurrection upon our nation's capitol where representatives, like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who literally hid behind the door of her office as they shouted “where is she!” on the other side of it, barely escaped with their lives. Sadly, five lives were lost in the coup and an officer took his own life in the aftermath for a total of 6 deaths related to the insurgence fueled by Mr. Trump, who along with family and associates delighted in watching it happen in the safety of a party tent nearby.

I can’t believe the number of people among my Facebook “friends” still support this man and how they try to shame me for my differing opinions - calling me uneducated and narrow-minded and ignorant of the Constitution. My father, whom I love very much, and his wife, are close-minded conservatives. I can’t even mention my political views in their presence, but I’d bet my life that if a Democrat did any of the things that Trump did they’d be fit to be tied over it.

How can I reach 600 words without giving the Swamp Thing more attention than it deserves?

I will start by saying thank you for putting your story out there. I am in agreement with you and I am inspired by you to put my own stories out there. I am not among the backwoods swamp rats who see you as “less than.” You are clearly well-educated and a man with a good heart, for only someone with a good heart would be so disheartened by and in need of respite from the state of America today.

Oh. My. God. You’re not just a writer - you’re an actor, a producer, and a director! Impressive! You’ve come a long way from a well-dressed but lowly production assistant holding an umbrella to protect our future fake-ass president’s ugly comb-over! Call me a Facebook stalker, but I just had to know more about you. I sent you a friend request, but I see you haven’t posted anything for a few years. Nevertheless, I hope you at least find my letter-story. If you do, I would love some feedback from you.


Cheryl Manon

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Cheryl Manon
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