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Dear Drumpf

by Darrius Dickerson 6 months ago in trump

Quick Question or Two

Dear Drumpf

It is to be cursed with a blessing to know your family’s true name in a world where you are deemed “Leader of the free world.”

I pray that I’m not the one known for yelling “Fire!” in the church on account of this note. However, it would seem that we have collectively come to doubt the integrity and grandeur of your administration; not in as much as is warranted, if I may assert so boldly.

There’s a less known adage that admonishes believers to “pray for the devil.” Conversely, it’s rumored that the devil can never be reformed as it is in his very nature to rebel.

If that much is true, then why do we even bother praying for “the fallen angel”? Perhaps the answer is at the bottom of a bottle of rye, and/or spilled wine.

I digress. My main question to you, kind sir, is: How in the name of Sweet Mother Mary did you expect to keep your family’s history under wraps for the duration of your reign?

Funny enough, we’re projected to hit the worse economic downturn ever just before the end of your first term; if not sooner.

I think that it will be unbelievably disappointing for your most loyal fans, followers, and foes once they finally realize that you were just another cog in the machine of geopolitics.

Word to the wise: I imagine that it could prove fortuitous to keep a tool in your desk once your security detail comes to grips with the indiscriminate blowback of your failed policies.

That is of course assuming that no one is able to sabotage your attempts at self-defense in a fashion similar to the hamstringing that my people have been subject to.

Just to alleviate your confoundment, it was none other than the renowned John Oliver, who you infamously disrespected repeatedly, who made me painfully aware of the fraud that you are.

Also, there is little more than utter ire and vehement vitriol for you and your ilk in my heart; in case you were wondering.

I can only imagine what will be the view from the helmets of your generals after they explain to their servicemen and women that our “best economy ever” was merely a facade.

To be a fly on the wall in the room as you explain to the First Lady that you were little more than a placeholder while the world around y’all completely boiled over…

On a lighter note, there was a brief moment in the run up to your election wherein I imagined that I could possibly support you despite everything you stood for.

“Not no more. The day of the Geechee is gone, boy; and you’re going with it…” (- A Soldier’s Story;1984.)

In any event, I suppose there’s no better moment to mention my most meaningful motivation for this brief note: To ensure that you are aware of the fact that almost every single fallen servicemen and women to perish since your inauguration is blood spilt on your hands.

Tl;dr- Blessed Memorial Day to you and your kinfolk that will likely have to bear the brunt of the hellish failure that you are currently setting the majority of this nation for.

In addition, this country has been a black eye for the world since time immemorial, in my humble opinion.

“One monkey don’t stop no slaughter...” (-MF DOOM; 2009.) Not even a well dressed and remarkably privileged monkey could stop the show we just happened to be right on time for.

In short, “How you gonna make us great, [‘again’] when we were never really that amazing?”- Oddisee (2017).

Darrius Dickerson
Darrius Dickerson
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Darrius Dickerson

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