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Dear Donnie

by Mary Beth Helms about a year ago in trump
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Citizen Trump

Dear Donnie,

I have so many things that I can thank you for, as your white, rich, mentally unstable ass is dragged out of the Oval Office, kicking and screaming like the unhinged toddler that you are. Because of you, I have had to stare racism in the face, acknowledging an ugly history upon which this great nation was built. Your close friends, the Ku Klux Klan members, have been the reigning symbol of hatred in the United States for centuries. There was really no delineation when it came to mainstream “right and wrong”; hate groups were wrong, and the vast majority wanted to be right. In stark opposition, thank you for exposing not only yourself, but the millions of Americans who spew that same toxicity. Racism is a spectrum, and while you haven't blatantly shouted the N-word at Times Square while representing the office, you have shown that you land on the fiercest, angriest, ugliest end of that spectrum. Although, given your history and the things that you HAVE gotten away with, I cannot make myself believe that it would tarnish your reputation with your minions.

Because of you, I have faced misogyny at its finest. You have made it incredibly difficult and absolutely necessary to stand up against abusers and harassment and the self-hatred that you instill in those who you see as being undesirable. All while you sit upon two flappy pancakes, with a burlap sack of lumpy, smashed potatoes disguised as an abdomen, supporting your disgustingly orange bitch face, all underneath what can only be described as the debris left behind after shaving an orangutan's ass, and refer to yourself as being informed and for some ungodly reason, god’s gift to women. Trust me, I say these things with the utmost disrespect and hatred that I can muster.

Because of you, I have grieved family members who I thought I knew. My mother, who housed, nurtured, supported, and loved my best friend and his (now) husband for several years, currently celebrates their downfalls and the rights that you want to take away from them. You have fed this fascist rhetoric to your ignorant followers and embody the second coming of Hitler, all under the guise of “making America great”. What you fail to understand is that we have always been great, and at the same time, we have always been painstakingly terrible. We are a nation built on the backs of native people who inhabited the land before us, and those we enslaved from other lands because we were too arrogant to complete the hard work on our own. Women have always played second fiddle to men in these United States, and we have had to fight against the power dynamics that have made us the “weaker sex”. Minorities of all kinds have always been ostracized and made to feel “less” American than the whitest and male-est among us. But our blood runs red and we Americans have always had grit and a valiant spirit. We have always and will always stand for what is right, even in the face of evil like you.

You do not have what it takes to make it as a human being. For four years, you have made a mockery of our great nation. But that story is over, now. All that's left for you is an epilogue: years that you have stolen from the 400,000 plus who died under your watch; the lives that you ruined by wrenching children from their parents at the border; the person you stole from me by brainwashing her with your vicious lies. Money can't save you now. Hands where we can see them, private citizen Trump.


About the author

Mary Beth Helms

Part-time therapist, full-time creative.

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