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Dear Donnie,

by Alana Boyles 5 months ago in trump

It's not me, it's you.

Dear Donnie,

I know you feel jilted by this unforeseen breakup, but I really gotta say... I am not going to miss you. Like, not even a little bit. Not when the climate crisis is being addressed, or when progress is made on racial equality, or even when the education sector is reformed.

I know it’s probably hard to understand—this came out of nowhere for you—and as much as I hate to blindside anyone, I really don’t feel that bad.

You see, I wasn’t really sure we were going to work out, right from the very beginning. All our friends said it was a good idea—y’all look so good together, they said. You’re perfect for each other, they said—but deep down in my gut, I just had this feeling.

I knew.

I knew this was a bad idea, that you were not the guy I needed, but somehow I was powerless to stop... this. This thing! This abomination of a long-term relationship. It was honestly hideous, even most of our friends can admit that, now. I never thought I’d be the girl that would wake up one day and find herself in the midst of a toxic relationship she couldn’t remember entering into. But there I was, 1.20.17.

You lied, and you cheated, and you generally made me feel like the scum of the Earth. I didn’t want to go out in the world for fear of the ridicule and condemnation everyone would throw my way. It was awful! I wanted to hide away at home, and at the same time, home was the last place I wanted to be.

Because home was where you were.

No one should be forced to fear and to loathe the place they come from, the place they call home. But somehow I don’t think you got that memo. You couldn’t have, could you? Because if you had, and you still did all the terrible things you did, that would make you a mean and evil person. And you’re not.


I really, truly want to believe you’re not. Because if you are that means... we’ll, that means a whole lot of things.

That means all the terrible stuff you did, you did on purpose—knowingly—for the sheer pleasure of causing others to suffer.

That means all those lies you told were lies from the very beginning—you had no intention of acting upon your word to make them true.

That means all those slurs you used, all those hateful things you said, all those words you employed to incite damnation in others, you believed every single one of them.

And that means you are a truly vile and despicable person. Are you aware there are special circles in Hell reserved for people like that? People like you.

I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

As for me, I’m going to start on the long and tedious process of healing. I’m going to put my needs first, not the whims and fancies of an over-tanned, overfed, two-year-old. I’m going to practice self-love and self-care, something I should have been doing ages ago, but somehow lost sight of four years ago.

And, once I’ve started to heal my wounds, I’m going to reach out. Reach out to my friends, loved ones, neighbors, and fellow man—all those you carelessly crushed in your wake—and I’m going to help them heal too. We are going to heal together.

And just you wait. Soon we will be stronger than ever.

We, the People.


Your damaged but healing Ex-

Alana Boyles
Alana Boyles
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