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dear donald

by Donna Bolch about a month ago in trump

what is means to be president

dear donald
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The meaning of the term

...President of the United States

- the person who holds the office of head of state of the United States government and is elected every four years by the people who live within its states. (This is my version of the definition.)

Puts country and its citizens first.

Did you do that donald? always put you at the top of your agenda.

Resides in the white house

Did you live there Donald? Sometimes..When you werent spending countless hours at your resort Maralago or playing golf.

Empathises with their constituents needs and struggles and does what they can to help them in times of crisis.

Did you show any empathy donald? divided the nation with your racist, sexist,and egotistical views , and built walls to divide the people you were supposed to represent.

Stategizes with his staff , and other leaders elected to their find ways of best completing actions and tasks that they promised to the people in their campaigns to get done.

Did you do that Donald? No...everytime one of them came up with an answer or idea that opposed your opinion,you either fired them or they retired because you threw tantrums and they got sick of you.

Intelligence briefings with military personnel and the FBI, and CIA to find out about the latest threats to your country and people ,to collaborate and come to decisions on how best to stop these threats.

Did you collaborate with them Donald? fired them when they didnt agree with you and didnt actually discuss ways of combatting these threats..instead you went on and on about fake news about a certain rendeveaux in your hotel.

Doesn't discriminate.

Do you discriminate Donald? All the time...Against women,black people, mexicans...

Eloquent, well spoken.

Do you have these qualities Donald? are vile and dirty with your words.

Never gives up on their people.

Did you give up Donald? You never even tried.

Takes their job seriously.

Did you take it seriously Donald? just used it as a platform to get more air time.

Oath..they swear on the bible to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

Did you do that Donald? incited an insurrection.

Find solutions to problems.

Do you find solutions Donald? create problems.

They don't get impeached.

Did you get impeached? Yes..Twice!

Have feelings .Like happiness when good things happen in the country and sadness when they dont.

Do you have feelings Donald? just feel people of one sex...literally.

Enviroment..they care about the earth and the people that inhabit it.

Do you care about the earth and its people Donald? No..just one person.

United states:the commander in chief is elected by the people.for the people.To try and unite their people to come together in good times and bad .To try and get their people to come together to face any challenges they have in a bipartisan way.

Did you do that Donald? have divided your country in two, with your lies and racist views. You provoked civil unrest on your capitol.You have defaced the constitution that you are supposed to uphold.

Steadfast and determined to get the job done that they promised they would in the lead up to the election.

Did you do what you promised Donald? promised to make american great again..Now it is torn in half and people are dying .

American. Someone who is patriotic and proud to represent what the founding fathers have built.

Do you represent America Donald? No.. you represent you and only you.

Donna Bolch
Donna Bolch
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Donna Bolch

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