Dear Donald
Dear Donald

Dear Donald J Trump

A message from below

Dear Donald J Trump
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Sir, let me first start off saying, I doubt you'll get to read this. Or even care to read this. However, I will write this anyway!

The citizens and non-citizens of this country have suffered since the country was first born. We have suffered from diseases. We have been murdered, raped, kidnapped. We have been put down for our views and expectations for the future. While over the years we have seen an amazing amount of growth towards the right direction, these past 4 years have been nothing but an embarrassment to the United States of America. I say this not because of all the people you have put in jeopardy, or the hundreds of thousands that have died, but because of how you carry yourself as our President. We have never experienced anyone that has more dislike from a nation. As an elected official, you are supposed to be representing us positively in our nations affairs to the world. As a natural born citizen, I do not feel represented in any positive way. I feel that you are only representing the 5% of the nation that is stuck in the Civil War era.

We are a nation built off the backs off immigrants. How can you sit here and act like we are any better than the next country? How can you try to build a wall to keep them out? I know how, you are apart of the 5% stuck in Civil War era. Peoples skin color, religions and nationality are not toxic. We are a rainbow swirl of culture, religion, color and more; we should be represented as such. This nation is beautiful, our representative should mirror our beliefs. I have heard of you calling people horrid names and making outlandish accusations of public officials. This is not even a good representation of us. Watching you fumble through speeches, being incapable of finishing sentences or even thoughts is worrisome. Our nation deserves an upgrade to our representation.

When this pandemic started, I was an assistant manager for a restaurant. Now, I am furloughed and stuck at home with my children. And I say stuck because if I find another job, my insurance is lost. As well as, we now have to do virtual school; which I don't complain because it is safer for students and staff. This isn't my field, I am a cook and manager, not a teacher. Over two years of career building down the drain to only find out that I am basically stuck until you are out of office and someone with an actual intellectual input on how to help keep our nation safe. Let me be clear, when I say safe, I am not only talking about COVID-19. I am talking about police violence and reform, racism, covid, health care, education, financial support, job security for ALL citizens. Now my spouse, my neighbors, my co-workers, my friends, my family all worry of how we will not loose everything. Homes being taken, necessities being taken away (cars, jobs, etc), lives being taken. What more must we give for you see we matter? What more must we do for you to hear? How many more have to die? And please, just like in all interviews do not deflect these questions. We need to know. We need to be heard. We need to be represented to show the hurt this country is facing.

Down playing any issue should never have been an option for you. As our elected official, we deserve to know the truth from you. Of course, there are things better left unsaid, but a deadly virus that has no vaccine is not one of them. We have not seen an economic disaster like this since The Great Depression. With the technologically advanced systems we have, there should not have even been an opportunity for this to happen. However, it did, because you failed to step up to the plate and be what you asked to be, The President of the United States of America. We didn't elect you so you can watch people talk bad about you in the White House on CNN and Fox News, or to sit and lie to the entire nation. Clearly the psychopathic characteristics you carry has stopped you from being able to do your job to help save and reform our country from being "the Old America."

In ten years when they rewrite the history books, this era in which you have solely devastated with your inability to complete two simple tasks. One, be honest and tell us the truth so we could better prepare, you know like the ventilators or the PPE shortage. Two, listen to Dr. Anthony Fauci! You constantly undermine the one man who only has the best interests at heart for our nation. Your presidency is nothing but a joke. If you haven't gotten a chance, you should watch Disney's Moana, no this isn't a plug just a way to help you humanize. Maui thinks he's some kind of hero to the people, when really he did it all for himself. That's you. You are Maui. I just don't think you'll ever have the spiritual, or even intellectual wake up Maui found to do the right thing.

I hope someone did read this to you, God knows you didn't read it on your own!! Good luck being hated for the rest of your life Donald. You sure do deserve it...


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