Dear Donald
Dear Donald

Dear Donald

by Otis Colon 2 years ago in trump

You are the hero of America.

Dear Donald

My intuition told me that you are the best candidate the first time you showed on the public for the Presidential campaign. You are deemed to be different from other former U.S. presidents if you would be, as I thought then.

I read about your story 20 years ago when you were a real estate business man. The story tells people how you succeeded in business as a young grad and later became an real estate magnate. It was inspiring and motivated me very much then.

Not only do you have business acumen, I think, but also the charisma of leadership. I admire your personal traits. You are a genuine and reliable man. You act what you said.

Some Americans dislike you because they might not understand you unless they leave or live outside USA for a period of time. They don't not know the other peoples' lives where there is no freedom of speech, no real human rights, etc. in their countries, or a country of a dictator, political coercion, a government of corruption, etc.

"Make America Great Again" is coming into effect and in the process.

The immigration rule and its operation seem to be a bit cruel and pains to some people or families. But who are the last beneficiaries? The Americans. The Americans are more likely to live in a good and safe country.

Winning in the globe trade business actually protects U.S. enterprises and makes "Made in USA" promising and viable. And we see a lowest unemployment rate of 3.8 in May 2018 since your presidency. You've carried out stern sanctions against those foreign corporations or countries who overlook the compliance rules in international business.

U.S. & North Korea Summit in Singapore

And also, you attended the historic summit with the dictator leader of North Korea in Singapore, which makes the resolution of a long-lasting and tough issue possible — denuclearization in Korea Peninsula. We never saw such an event happened and the results achieved before between U.S. and North Korea. You showed your confidence and wisdom during the whole meeting, representing great and powerful USA.

As you said to ABC News chief anchor George Stephanopoulos, "Over my lifetime I've done a lot of deals with a lot of people and sometimes the people you most distrust turn out to be the most honorable ones and the people that you do trust turn out to be not the honorable ones." We can perceive a little about your philosophy in whatever your business or political life. And, this is just a piece of your wisdom.

Last but not least, you are the right person to be the U.S. president at the right time when global economic or political crisis is easy to be triggered off, and the world really need a great America of power and justice.

You are great; so is America.

Otis Colon
Otis Colon
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