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David Icke BANNED Covid-19 Interview

And How to Make Sense of The Controversial Conspiracy Theorist

By Tim Cale Published 4 years ago 6 min read
David Icke And The Banned London Real Interview

David Icke‘s original interview with London Real was taken down by YouTube mere hours after it streamed live to hundreds of thousands of viewers.

Above is a clip from the original interview that London Real re-uploaded recently to YouTube.

What are we to make of this?

Are we to take seriously the man who claims there is no virus, in a time where the entire planet has nearly come to a halt due to the spread of the novel Coronavirus? Are we to take seriously the man who claims the world is run by a cabal of reptilian aliens?

Here I’m going to try and make sense of some of Icke’s claims, and bring to light some of the more useful things he says that we may actually benefit from.

“People have to find peace in other people having different opinions”

Above is a quote from Icke himself in the above video. In that same spirit, I’m going to open with my disagreements with him. After spending hours listening to and researching Icke’s video lectures I find lots of his claims to be unfounded, and his method of delivery to be one that is mostly focused on the very fear he speaks against. He rarely gets into what solutions there might be to the terrifying information he spends hours lecturing on. This is the opposite of what he advertises, but my observation was that his method of delivery in his way of “exposing the agenda” is very similar to what you would call fear porn.

That being said, I believe that the core of Icke’s message is actually positive, if not a very important thing for us all to think about and learn. It’s a lesson about empowering ourselves and the dangers of acquiescing to power. This is why I shared the above video. It is one of the rarer occasions where he spends some time talking about solutions, talking about practical things we can do to free ourselves from any oppressive power, whether they are reptilian aliens (unlikely) or just a broken and greedy political system.

“We now have the chance to break the spell and see behind the curtain, and what we’ll find is something that’s not powerful at all once we stop acquiescing to it”

There’s a habit of acquiescence of power in our culture, a laziness in accepting ideas that I talked about in my previous post about ideological possession.

That is what I believe is at the core of this problem Icke is referring to as well.

As long as we are not making up our own minds, as long as we are lazily accepting any of the grand narratives that are delivered to us by political and financial interests, we are vulnerable. We are perfect targets for manipulation. And if we have that vulnerability, it won’t take long for those who wish to exploit that kind of vulnerability to their benefit to do exactly that. What they will do next is to encourage us to remain that way, to remain vulnerable in that same fashion so that they can continue to manipulate us for their gain, and the cycle goes on.

This is nothing new. The same thing happens in dysfunctional interpersonal relationships where one party manipulates the other. This is the same thing but on a much larger societal scale.

The wound to heal here is a general disinterest in really living life. Really living life means taking responsibility for everything in it. It seems to me that modern living, in bringing to us many conveniences, has taken away our instincts of how to bring about those conveniences ourselves.

We have been given so much fish, we forgot how to fish.

It seems to me that this is just as true for information and ideas, as it is for conveniences such as packaged food and purchasable shelter.

I must emphasize the value in trusting our organizations. That is a huge part of how we’ve built our modern society. We trust the contractors that the house we bought is not going to fall apart during a storm. We put our trust in the institutions that impose regulations on the contractors, and the law that imposes regulations on those institutions.

So, please don’t mistake what I’m saying for a plea to break down all structure and go back to the way our ancestors’ ancestors lived.

I am merely pointing out that:

Perhaps we’ve been getting a little too comfortable.

Perhaps it‘s time for us to hold accountable the institutions to whom we’ve given so much power.

Perhaps it’s time to realize that they can, and likely have been, using their power in ways that are not to our benefit, the very power that we, the people, gave to them.

What does all this mean?

It means that we do our homework.

It means that we study the facts on our own, and call, write, tweet, or take action in any way possible when we find out our institutions are not giving us the whole truth, or if they are mistaken.

It means that we don’t just vote the party color because “it’s the right thing to do”. We instead do meticulous research on our candidates, their political and economic ties, and truly vote for the best candidate.

It means that we put in the time to learn so much about our health that we can hold an informed conversation with our healthcare providers.

It means that we know the inner workings of our government just as well as they do.

It means that we read history and know about its cycles.

It means that we do our part In building a true, honest and functioning society.

This is perhaps what it means to be a good citizen.

A good citizen isn’t an obedient citizen. A good citizen is one who’s eyes are open, who’s ears are sharp, and who’s judgement is good.

A good citizen is brave and powerful. There’s power in knowledge, and the more we refuse to educate ourselves, the easier it is for a larger system to manipulate us. This is what I feel lies at the core of what David Icke is talking about, and for that I believe he is to be listened to.

I do wish he would take it easy on the reptilian alien theory and his science denial. Being a contrarian for the sake of contradiction, or for shock value, can lead to problems. The virus is real. Science is real. We need to have good and solid institutions that we can put our trust in, and there are so many good people in our scientific and medical communities that have been putting their lives on the line during this pandemic.

It is also important to question authority. It’s important for people in our institutions, the real people who are the researchers and the scientists and the lawmakers and politicians to question authority and hold truth to be the highest of all values.

Live well and truthfully, folks. Thanks for reading.



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