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Crimea bridge attack culprit locked

Will it be a trigger for further escalation of the war?

By Kim tyrePublished 2 years ago 3 min read

According to Russian media, the chairman of the Russian Federal Investigative Committee said in a briefing to Russian President Vladimir Putin that the Crimean Bridge bombing was a terrorist incident planned by Ukrainian intelligence agencies with the assistance of foreign forces and Russian nationals and that Russia has identified the route taken by the bombed truck and the suspects suspected of preparing the attack. The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. Russian media disclosed that Putin will host a Russian federal security meeting on October 10, local time.

The Russian-Ukrainian conflict in all aspects of Russia showed considerable restraint, but the Crimean Bridge attack undoubtedly broke some of the tacit agreement between Russia and Ukraine, as the real culprits of the bridge attack surfaced, Russia will undoubtedly retaliate against the U.S. intelligence services.

The Russian Federation's Deputy Chairman of the Security Council Dmitri Medieval stated directly that there is only one way for Russia to respond to the crime in question, and that is to eliminate the terrorists directly, which is a common global practice and in line with the expectations of Russian citizens.

The consequences of the Crimean Bridge terror bombing are serious. On the one hand, the bridge is important civilian infrastructure, and the attack on the bridge crossed the basic boundaries of a military conflict, as anonymous U.S. officials told U.S. media that U.S. intelligence services attacked by planting a bomb on a passing truck. If this information is true, the mod's operand is the same as the attack on the car bombing of the daughter of the Russian scholar Du gin, and both are suspected to be planned and carried out by the U.S. intelligence services.

The Crimean Bridge bombing killed three people, the explosion of the truck broke the Crimean Bridge road part of the section, and the explosion of the chain effect caused the railroad part of the tank train to fire, resulting in the bridge being once blocked. The case triggered the highest level of attention, the Russian Minister of Transport and Minister of Emergency Situations were the first to go to the scene, the railroad part of the bridge is now back to open, and the road part of the open is in a restricted state of passage.

The Crimea Bridge is regarded by Russia as the "project of the century", with a bridge length of 19 Kilometers ranked as the longest bridge in Europe, and across the Perch Strait connecting the Crimean Peninsula and Russia, is one of the symbolic significant of Russia's landmark infrastructure. The attack on the bridge undoubtedly ignited the anger of Russia, the Crimean administrator on the attack on the bridge stated that "the situation in Crimea is stable, fuel and food supplies can meet the needs of one month and two months, respectively, and do not forget that we have a land corridor to Crimea, and people's revenge has been triggered. "

After Russia's victory in the Mariupol battle in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the land corridor between Donas, Mariupol, and Crimea was subsequently opened, which makes the Crimea peninsula receiving supplies path in addition to the Crimea Bridge another land route, and for the terrorist attack itself, the Russian statements at all levels conveyed that Russia will retaliate against the attackers. What is certain is that Russia's retaliation for the Crimean Bridge bombing will not include the nuclear option. When asked by a Russian journalist about whether the incident would affect Russia's nuclear doctrine and nuclear weapons, Pesky, the president's press secretary, responded that this was not the case and that these were two completely unrelated concepts.

According to public reports in the Russian media, Russian President Vladimir Putin, while being briefed by the chairman of the Russian Investigative Committee, emphasized the point that the terrorist attack was developed, planned, and executed by the U.S. intelligence services. Thus, it can be roughly determined that Russia will retaliate against members of the U.S. intelligence services, and Russia does not have the possibility of using nuclear weapons for this purpose, but there is no doubt that the "war" between Russian and U.S. intelligence services has begun.


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