Coronavirus, first victim in the US, Trump: 'probable new cases'

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Coronavirus, first victim in the US, Trump: 'probable new cases'

There are now almost 3,000 coronavirus deaths worldwide. And America also records the first death in Washington state. The victim was a woman in her 50s. It had arrived, the US media reported, with "serious breathing problems" at EvergreenHealth hospital in Kirkland, Washington. It is not clear yet when the patient was hospitalized, when the symptoms first appeared and how long it took to get tested.

And after the first victim, the Washington state governor declared a state of emergency. Yay Inslee ordered his government agencies to use "all the necessary resources" to prepare and respond to the spread of the virus. So far, only the mayor of San Francisco had declared a state of emergency.

The CDCs, the centers for disease prevention and control, have confirmed three new cases of coronavirus, raising the number of infected people in the United States to 22. The new cases, they explain, could be linked to an epidemic that broke out in a house in care in the city of Kirkland, Washington, where there are 108 guests, including 27 already with symptoms, and about 180 employees, of whom 25 always with symptoms. One of the infected is an employee, now in good condition at the Overlake hospital, another is a 70-year-old woman in serious condition at the Evergreen hospital.

President Donald Trump convened a press conference to take stock of the emergency: "There are likely to be other cases" but "the US is ready for any scenario," he attempted to reassure, while vice president Mike Pence, which coordinates the emergency in the country, has returned to advise against travel in the affected areas of the world such as "some areas of Italy" (where the alert level rises to 4), but also South Korea.

First public schools also closed in the USA, on the Pacific coast, for two alleged cases of coronavirus: these are the Jackson High School north of Seattle (Washington state) and the Forest Hills Elementary outside Portland (Oregon), where they seem to be a student and an employee were infected respectively. The American media write about it citing local authorities.

Ireland has made it known that it has encountered the first case of coronavirus, a man who came from a location in Northern Italy. Dublin health authorities have made it known that the patient, from a location in the east of the country, is receiving "appropriate medical care" after the virus has been identified through "the expected protocols" for testing and diagnosis by COVID-19.

And from Seoul that the heaviest bulletin on the trend of the virus in the world has arrived: in a single day the new infections rose by 813 cases, bringing the total number to 3,150 and the victims to 17. The data of the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show a concentration (657) in Daegu, the serious outbreak linked to the sect of the Church of Jesus Shincheonji, while another 79 are from the nearby province of North Gyeongsang. South Korea also had the first case of coronavirus recurrence. It is a 73-year-old woman who was discharged from hospital on February 22 after she was cured and tested positive on the Covid-19 test for the second time on Friday. Another case of recidivism had been reported Friday in Japan and others had previously been reported in Wuhan, the Chinese outbreak of the virus, so much so that the authorities had ordered a new quarantine period after leaving the hospitals.

In Luxembourg, the first case of the new coronavirus was diagnosed, Health Minister Paulette Lenert announced tonight. The 40-year-old patient was in Italy and returned by plane to Charleroi airport in Belgium, Lenert said. The minister added that the patient had shown symptoms "earlier in the week", and added that research is already underway "to identify the people" with whom he has been in contact.

At least four children who attended the kindergarten where the infected German teacher teaches in recent days have tested positive. The Dpa writes it. The children, who attend the facility in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, are said to be in good condition.

Almost 200 children from an elementary school in Bonn, Germany, have been quarantined at home. According to the online Bild, the precautionary measure was taken as a 23-year-old employee of the institution tested positive for the coronavirus test. The young girl is not a teacher, but an educator in charge of assisting the 185 children after class, to do their homework. According to the tabloid, she has mild symptoms and may have been infected during a carnival party. The school will be closed for two weeks from Monday.

There are cancellations of public events and flight cancellations. The half marathon scheduled for tomorrow in Paris has been officially canceled.

The number of confirmed cases of Coronavirus in France reached 100, according to what was announced this evening by the director general of Health, Jerome Salomon. In the middle of the day, Health Minister Olivier Véran had spoken of 73 infections, an increase of 16 cases compared to last night.

Turkey has decided to suspend all air connections with Italy for the coronavirus epidemic from midnight today and indefinitely (Covid-19). The same provision concerns South Korea and Iraq. This was announced by Ankara Health Minister Fahrettin Koca.

Anyone who has booked a flight ticket but will not be able to leave due to flight cancellations related to restrictions imposed by some countries due to fear of Coronavirus infection or due to the blocking of the flight by the authorities will have the ticket refunded by the vector. The ENAC points out in a note adding that instead you will not be entitled to the monetary compensation that regulates the cases of cancellation, denied boarding and prolonged delay as the flight cancellation is not dependent on a cause attributable to the carrier.

Another 47 deaths from the new coronavirus have been registered in China, which brings the death toll to 2,835 in the country. There are 427 new cases, an increase compared to 327 yesterday, bringing the total number of infections to 79,251. One person died in Beijing and another in Henan province, while 45 died in Hubei province. All but four cases were in Hubei and 420 were in the capital, Wuhan.

In Germany, the number of cases has risen to 60, a spokeswoman for the German health ministry said, according to Skynews. The last report, late yesterday evening, spoke of 30 infected people. For the spread of the coronavirus in Italy the transfers from Germany of the "dublinanti", the migrants who fall into the categories defined by the Dublin regulation, were temporarily suspended. A spokesman for the German Interior Ministry confirmed this to ANSA.

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