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Core Commonalities of the Human Species – Part 2: Death

by Jeff McCarty 2 years ago in new world order
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Countless forms of life exist within Planet Earth. Of all these different forms of life that exist on Planet Earth, there is one creature known as the human being, and we are that creature. As human beings, we share a bond based on the fact that we are all the same type of creatures who are experiencing existence through the same perspective, the human perspective. This shared perspective bonds us as members of the human species, due to the fact our perspective as humans are based upon the core commonalities shared amongst all humans through the course of human history. Over time, it seems the human species has detached from understanding and appreciating these core commonalities that we share as members of the human species. Through this detachment, we have adopted a division mentality that has caused human beings to work against each other rather than together. Building a bridge to a better global human civilization entails a human species that is willing to work together to achieve these greater means. As the HCRC, we believe establishing a set of Core Commonalities that is shared among all human experiences is imperative to establishing the connection that we must share as a species to create a better global human civilization. As undeniable as the truth that all human beings delight in the splendor of life, for at least some extent of time, the same can be said for the truth of all human beings must undergo the dissolution of death. Death is the next core commonality that we will explore that is shared amongst human beings and strengthens the bond we share as a species.

With every life comes the occurrence of death. This is a law of existence that all forms of life must abide by. Regardless of the physical form that life manifests itself within there is no form of life that escapes the confines of death. Depending on the specific form of life, the amount of time that a natural death may occur can vary, yet death is inevitable. The only right that we have in our existence as a physical form experiencing life on Planet Earth is the right to death. Due to the precarious circumstances of existence on Planet Earth, the how and when of this occurrence of death is a matter of uncertainty for each human being. As conscious beings, we seek to control ourselves and the environment that we exist within. Given this need for control and the complete inability to control the journey of existence from life to death for ourselves or others, analyzing the commonality of death can be overwhelmingly complex and too much to process, especially due to the fact most human beings tend to only contemplate death when experiencing the loss of a loved one. Any loss of life especially the life of one who you held dear to yourself can be extremely difficult, and each human being must be allowed time to grieve and process the loss of that loved one. Personally speaking, I take solace in knowing that the law of existence applies to all forms of life and that death is the inalienable right that every life is guaranteed. As a human being subject to this law of existence, I can only hope that I live a long fulfilled life before the natural process of death befalls me.

Each human being will experience death in their own unique manner. Regardless of how our physical form comes to expire in its existence within Planet Earth, the result is universally the same for every human being who undergoes the process of death. It is the end of the existence of the physical form of the said human being experiencing death, and the end of existence on Planet Earth for the person who inhabited that physical form. As human beings, as long as the physical form remains intact to some degree, the process that undergoes the body after the incident of death has occurred for that individual is identical as well. We all decompose in the same manner after death, and our physical form returns itself to the universe from which it first came.

As the HCRC, we cannot speak to what comes next in the journey of existence after passing the threshold of death. The existence that we may experience in an afterlife can only be assumed based upon the perspective and vantage point that human beings currently hold in the order of the universe. We can say though without a doubt that death is a certainty that is tied to life and that each member of the human species will face at their own time. When this time comes for each of us it means the end of our existence within the physical form of the human body we have manifested throughout our life. To cope with this reality of our existence many humans have prescribed themselves to belief systems and have faith in what is next to come in the afterlife. As a human being myself, I have arranged a personal belief system that I have grown a faith in as well. There is nothing wrong in holding faith in a belief system for yourself that allows you to cope with the reality of existence, as members of the human species though we must understand and accept that the underlying fact is that we have no direct one hundred percent scientific evidence, at this time at least, that either proves or disproves the existence of an afterlife. What we do have the facts to, is that as human beings our existence is an experience of life, lived within one physical form called the human body, and as the passage of time progresses, we come to meet the end of our physical form’s existence through the process of death. As the HCRC we have a stance of neutrality when it comes to the possibility of an afterlife, and encourage all human beings to be open-minded to the possibilities. Death is a law of existence that cannot be escaped, regardless of the physical form of life. Rather than worry about what we may experience in the afterlife, we should focus on the life we are currently experiencing because we know that this life is impermanent and will ultimately end in death, and while we are here on Planet Earth we should honor the journey of existence from life to death and enjoy all the moments of life we are granted.

We are all members of the human species, and we all experience the core commonalities of both life and death. There is no denying the connection we share as physical forms of life existing amongst each other. When we start to remove the human-made labels and identifiers that have been manufactured out of the division mentality, we come to see that at our root we are all experiencing the same thing, pure existence. We must utilize this understanding of our shared commonalities as a human species to build mutual respect for all other human beings, regardless of the characteristics of any other individual or group of human beings. Join us next Friday, as we unearth the next core commonality shared amongst the human species.

Until next time, I am Jeff McCarty and I just want to thank you for your time in reading. Looking forward to seeing you next post around. In the meantime, don’t forget to explore our website and to follow the HCRC on social media. Thanks again.

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I create content for a nonprofit organization, called the Human Civilization Reformation Coalition. Our focus is positively progressing humanity. All tips go towards the nonprofit organization, and the further creation of content.

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