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Final confrontation

By Michael BlairPublished 7 years ago 5 min read

All the signs are pointing toward a major confrontation between two forces of evil, locked in mortal combat for supremacy over the whole world.

It looks as if the USA could be the first country to fall victim to this age old battle.

In only his first week in power, Donald Trump has signed eleven executive orders!

This is unheard of in Presidential "peacetime history."

He and his cabinet of billionaires seem intent on dismantling traditional government, brick by brick. In fact, it's more of a demolition than a dismantling.

Nothing is sacred to these philistines.

Education has been targeted by an billionaire Education Secretary who put her children into private schools.

His policy on immigration, which is what America was built upon, is nothing short of fascist. Deportation and detention of people who may have some tenuous connection to one of the seven countries which he had decided have intentions to terrorise the United States.

He of course, like the UK, has omitted the one country Saudi Arabia, which has committed the biggest "terrorist" attack on American soil, from lists of hostile countries.

We wouldn't want to upset the wealthy and bloodthirsty Saudis, would we?

Heaven forfend the USA and the UK should hurt their delicate sensibilities.

Money, as always, talks very loudly.

This whole situation is very worrying and is set to destabilise every region on the planet.

There are deliberate attempts to antagonise China over the artificial islands in the South China Sea.

These are reported to house nuclear reactors to produce hydrogen for fuel.

If this is true, and I have no doubt it is, then China would become self sufficient. Hydrogen vehicles have already been invented, but the big oil companies don't want to lose their power.

Saudi Arabia would probably suffer more than most, because it supplies a vast amount of the planet with oil.

If one country developed a practical alternative to oil, others would be begging China to supply the technology worldwide.

Russia's economy relies on oil and gas exports to stay solvent, and if China can supply a cheaper cleaner alternative, Russia's economy will crash and burn in all its useless fuel.

Therefore, Russia has a vested interest in maintaining the status quo, even if it means joining with Trump's dictatorship of America.

The China possibility is making for very strange bedfellows.

The puppet masters hate Trump, but in order to maintain their iron grip on the world economy, they decided he was exactly what they needed to make decisions no other President would consider.

Trump doesn't care about anyone from the "political elite," but because he isn't dealing with these people, he believes what he is doing is making him popular with the people who supported him in the election. He craves popularity, which is his biggest weakness.

He is being used to cosy up to Russia, which no other President would be prepared to do. Unpopular with his enemies in the press and Democratic party? He revels in doing this!

His other remit is to remove all opposition to him, which will be the same opposition the elite puppet masters would have to deal with.

They want to inherit a dictatorship.

No opposition to worry about and a clear run to the complete control they have always wanted.

Control of the internet. Control of the media. Control of law enforcement and the courts.

And most of all, control of the money. Financial supremacy!

Trump truly believes he is the chosen one to lead American to a brighter future. He has been told that by the people who backed him, so it must be true. It is true, but not for the reasons he imagines.

His main objective is to get and keep Russia and Putin on board and keep them there.

This has already been done, but poor old deluded Donald thinks it's all down to his genius and charismatic personality.

Trump is just the public face to get unpopular things done.

Think for a moment. When did you ever imagine Republican leaders be happy with a Republican President being "best friends" with the leader of their worst nightmare, Russia?

This is what has seemed to have been achieved by a pumped up, self deluded, publicity seeking, blowhard braggart?

I don't think for a nanosecond this is even slightly possible!

President Trump has been played by experts. Putin is laughing at the thought that he has somehow been out manoeuvred by this glorified hotelier.

The situation is very fluid at the moment, but I'm sure the likely outcome of all this intrigue and treble dealing, will be a manufactured confrontation with China by America, who will be backed by the might of Russia, to make China back off and tow the line, drop its plans for fuel self-sufficiency.

Of course if China doesn't back down, I believe Russia will abandon the USA and take the side of China. Knowing that they won't have to rely on Saudi oil again.

The other option is all out war for world domination and all that will be left is a smouldering rock.

Too many countries have access to nuclear weapons and would use them without hesitation in this kind of situation.

I hope none of these things happen and we carry on whining about the weather and how noisy the neighbours are next door.

If what I described does happen, noisy neighbours will seem like a luxury you would love to have again!


About the Creator

Michael Blair

I'm a medically retired grumpy Scotsman with a good sense of the ridiculous. I write some political satire and some more serious pieces. I'm here to wake people up!

On twitter I'm @mmjblair and email me at [email protected]

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