Climate Change and Protest

by Peter Rose 6 months ago in activism

How many protestors actually know the facts?

Climate Change and Protest

Climate change and orchestrated “protest”—how many people protesting actually know what is happening?

The “rent a mob brigade” of disconnected people, many calling themselves anarchists, have joined with socialists to protest about climate change. These are not true anarchists since they appear to believe in a new world order controlled by themselves; while a true anarchist believes there should not be any order, any form of government at all. This alliance has, in Britain, dragged school children into their political protests. They are political protests despite the claims they wish to save the planet for the future generations. It would seem the lobbyists have done a good job; these lobbyists seem to be working for the multibillion dollar Lithium using industries, including the makers of electric powered cars, wind generators, solar power producers and anyone who wants to change the politics of the world. I am sure all the young protesters are well meaning and well intentioned, although I have doubts about the amount they have studied all the varied aspects of climate change. They are fed what the lobbyists advise their teachers to tell them, questioning is not allowed. Just as with any modern political debate, young students are not allowed to hear contrary arguments. The “no platform” movement is simply to ensure no one questions the agenda of those declaring no platform.

If just viewed as genuine attempts to stop climate change, the protests are futile and meaningless, since climate change has always been happening. Humans probably affect the rate of change but even if no humans exist, it would still occur. If viewed from the political agenda of the organisers, then the futility disappears. The aim is disruption, the furthering of discontent, the training of young people to enjoy protesting. The training is to produce protestors who protest because they get something personal from it. The change they are wishing to bring about is irrelevant.

To show how these organisers use climate change as an excuse for protest against democracy, you do not need to make a very close study of the situation. To find facts you do not have to go back very far in history. Even just a 1000 years ago on the west coast of south America, climate change affected whole societies and changed the structure of human existence. This was before combustion engines, before coal generated power plants and still climate change affected whole societies. Do you really think governments can pass laws to change Gaia? No and nor do the people behind the protests. They have a mix of agendas, some would say an alliance of opposite purposes. Some want the destruction of democratic rule, they have tried to win elections and failed, so they want one party governance with themselves in charge of that party. Their uneasy allies in this are the industrialists who are making fortunes out of “ green energy” and green automotive vehicles. They know that in a straightforward economic comparison they have unsellable products. They need governments to pass laws banning their rivals and subsidizing, with tax money, their own products. Their partners in the climate change protest confidence trick, know that even if they got a government to ban all forms of personal transport, climate change would continue but the general population would by then have a genuine serious grievance against the government, that the skilled political activists could use to bring down democracy. Causing a lessening of personal freedom and then using the dislike of this, to blame other people and so to ferment political disruption, is not a new trick.

Politicians, generally from left of centre parties who are not in government, encourage the protestors. They seek to become the government and that is their only agenda, no matter what slogans they chant, they know they can not change the weather patterns of the world, but they can raise taxes and they can demand greater control over each persons lifestyle. All the champagne socialists and wealthy champions of ecological improvement, make their demands from positions of security, they do not realise they personally will be affected by the changes demanded. These people think their wealth insulates them, so what if the cost of electricity is doubled, they can afford it and despite the nonsense they spout, they do not care what happens to the poor who can not afford it. What they fail to appreciate is that the class war activists will not stop at doubling the price of electricity and banning all personally owned forms of transport.

Politicians and armchair activists, should be very careful what they wish for and some teachers should advise their students about the history of King Canute.

Climate protests are political protests, they are about changing the political agenda of governments.

How does it work?
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