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Can We Trust The Media Anymore? I Don’t Because…

Is the truth reported really the truth?

By Life LessonPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Photo by Nadezhda Moryak from Pexels

Remember the movie ‘The Truman Show’*?

A movie by Jim Carey in 1998?

Are we ‘living’ in this movie nowadays?

We are made to believe what’s reported to us is the truth

What’s said by the authority, be it our government or the media

In actual fact, they tell us what they want us to believe

Whether it’s the truth or not is secondary

So that they can achieve their agenda

* * *

Not too many critical thinkers out there in the masses

Nor do many people have the luxury of time to find out the truth

Even if they do, nationalism could blind them

They are too biased to want to see the truth

They may only watch or listen to one channel only

To them, whatever this channel reported must be the truth

They forgot to listen to different channels or sources

After that only make a judgment based on the facts

* * *

Different media and channels feed different parts of the world

Some media are too powerful, they can play dirty tricks on the global stage

If you were to watch the channels from different parts of the world

You will see how astonishingly different the story can be

Some facts are distorted, some lies are fabricated

Yet many people will buy these ideas

Without knowing they are being led into believing it

* * *

There are many ‘actors’ or ‘collaborators’ who claim to be the testimonials

To make their claims look credible and convincing

The longer the lie is being circulated around the globe

The more people will believe it

‘Because that’s what many media has been saying!’ They said

But they forgot who is the big boss behind these channels

The media is such a powerful entity

They can mold your mind to what they want you to believe

Especially by repeating it

By collaborating with different like-minded media

The media is a lethal weapon of politicians

With your beliefs and trust

They can achieve their agenda

Even for the evil ones beneath the disguise

It can appear as a noble act in your eyes

* * *

Mainstream media used to be a reliable source

They are also not a new tool for the politicians

But it has turned increasingly insane

Where the white can be turned to become the black

The devils become the angels, and vice versa

Whenever I watched a perplexing news

I will ask myself — is this the truth?

Maybe I need to listen to a few more independent channels

And to Google a few more different sources

To see what’s their side of the story

I need to know the big boss behind this channel

It may need a little digging

To find out the strings attached

Once I know who the boss is

I will understand where they are coming from

* * *

A critical mind is very much called for in this era

So that we won’t be fooled easily

Some widely perceived truth is actually a lie

Just for the dirty games of some politicians

Too many made-to-believe stories

Sometimes even the intelligent ones could be fooled

As their trust is being manipulated

Thanks to this internet and digital era

The world has become border-less

Where I can hear from media of the different parts of the world

And I could hear the independent voices that are impartial in reporting the truth

* * *

*The Truman Show:

* Originally published at https ://

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