British Government Is Failing to Govern

by Peter Rose 3 months ago in corruption

What happens when bureaucrats left in charge

British Government Is Failing to Govern

British government is failing to govern.

July 2019


The sooner we get a government working on domestic issues, the better, so much sheer stupidity needs sorting, the bureaucrats have had a wonderful free time with all political attention and energy focused on leaving the EU. As a result, the government and the nation urgently needs to make changes, I am sure many things can be listed, but here are a couple.

If press reports are accurate, in Britain we have a situation that is beyond a joke. A lady claimed asylum in Britain, because she was a lesbian and if she stayed in her own country she would be killed because she is a lesbian. Later she was found in bed with a male, and eventually a court decided she had lied about being a lesbian, and since she made a false declaration to obtain asylum, she was deported. Now a different court has decreed that she was not allowed enough time to prove she was a lesbian, and that British tax payers should pay; for her return, pay to provide compensation, pay to provide for her while back in Britain, and it is assumed pay all the costs of a fresh trial where once again she can make her claims.

Leaving aside the issue of court decision and referendums etc. never now being final and everything is subject to retrial over and over again; it has to be assumed lawyers acting in Britain while she was back in her home country, obtained the second court decision and it has to be a good guess that the British tax payer is paying these lawyers. It also has to be assumed she was not killed back in her own country, which implies she is not a lesbian, or the country of origin has decided not to kill her. Either way her claim for asylum is bogus.

The only way we can stop lawyers bankrupting the tax payers, is to change the rules a little. When a lawyer acts on a no win no fee (to the alleged client) basis, and loses the case, the Lawyer has to pay ALL the costs involved themselves. At the moment they can make up all sorts of court cases, and even if they lose, it does not cost them anything. There has to be a price of failure for the unscrupulous amongst the legal profession will carry on making a good living out of the tax payers.

The legal profession, along with bankers, are giving western style freedoms a bad name, between them they are creating a situation which both the left and right extremists can exploit.

If press reports are accurate.

Continuing on the theme of governmental stupidity it is also reported that senior surgeons and doctors are not working additional hours, and some may be going into semi-retirement due to a farcical tax and pension situation. It is reported if they go on earning larger salaries, through working over time or taking more responsibility, the amount that goes into their pension fund goes over an arbitrary threshold and they are hit with a huge tax increase, they already pay high earner rates, exceeding this threshold actually makes them have a reduced pension—so they are paying the NHS for the privilege of working more!! One report says a retired doctor could be £10,000 a year worse off, because they earn too much just before retirement, They would actually get less pension for putting more into the pension fund. This is as farcical as the legal profession being able to manipulate the tax payer money

We need a government that is governing, and we need it urgently.

How does it work?
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