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Britains strangest Laws

by Just george 9 months ago in legislation

scariest law under the EU

Britains strangest Laws
britains outlanding laws

Apart from the meme, I displayed on top there. which is pretty hilarious, I think it is about time you and I and some of your friends become acquainted to the somewhat strange and benevolent laws the united kingdom has.

straight of the bat! I think it is important you know that there is a law that is passed down in the European Union and Great Britain; that states that in times of financial hardships with the economy, the government has the right to take your (the public)s and your family hard-earned money to restore the financial system.

and also up until today. I never realised this either. but you can feel free to do your research and see that I'm not lying. the following are some of the more observed day to day laws that I am confused by as to why they are in place

Apparently: it is an offence to carry shopping home from a store: this is mainly identified at large objects like a ladder and floor wood that's purchased from a DIY store.

this one is absurd; and quite frankly it restricts a revolutionary activity that if it were not for it electricity would not have been harnessed. FLying a KITE is a punishable offence due to its nature of obstructing drivers I think

IMPRESSIONABLE OUTFITS; it is by law, lawfully wrong to go out for a fancy dress or to participate in Halloween customs wearing if you impersonate a uniform of the Armed services. hush.

Being DRUNK is serious fun and stress relief and well as a mild stone for some, especially those without faith limitations or lifestyles choices advising against it. Nevertheless, it is illegal even if it occurs in a pub!

Welcome to my home. the expression used when welcoming guests to one home but did you know occasionally we have to remove the dirt from the door rags we keep indoors or just outside and also that it is illegal to do this after 8 a.m. as it imposes some sort of risk. but I don't know what.

whilst parking your car, have you ever or if you ever should I say come across a time where you are short on money. the natural thing we do of cause does not look like a time waster and maybe try to ask someone nearby if they could spare loose change so you could part and be on your way. It is illegal to ask.

to say the least, some of the things I've mentioned already on this list are damn right forgettable and I should say you should. but i suppose a great fun way to use this information is to use it to your advantage and taunt an officer ones in a while by mentioning these and seeing their reactions to see if they know them too.

these last two are fully fishy to my taste I think.

it is a sad known fact that all the movies in Hollywood revolve around people hailing cabs whenever they need one and they can do this freely. however, in Britain, it is an offence to do so and therefore it shouldn't be done.

also apparently after fishing you can not handle salmon under suspicious circumstances. I mean who makes this up. just last week there was a guy at the buy station f****ng a fish. I should have reported that I mean it needs its own law so who am I to say anything about it. there are some deeply restrictive laws out there but these ones cut the cake really. I'm Gobsmacked

Just george
Just george
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