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by Courtny Hampton 3 years ago in new world order


Every human is born into ignorance, almost everyone dies in ignorance. It’s the journey through life that determines your psychological state when you die. In every country, every culture, every political party there’s some detail to be blind to. Billions of tiny details, actually.

Every day Americans are born into a blind, ignorant country. Hypnotized to the point that their education, entertainment, medicine and politics are normal to them. 100 percent normal, but a man who wasn’t born with that same ignorance, or a man who has trained his mind to see past the lies, can see everything the ignorant man cannot. But it’s not the ignorant man's fault that he is ignorant, it’s just the matter of where, when, and to whom he was born.

Which is why we have a country full of ignorance now. Because that education system wasn’t put there to educate, but to indoctrinate ideas into your brain to make you think they’re facts, and to keep you from learning useful information. Because they want us to be stupid. That’s why schools teach things most people don’t need rather than things we do. And why the history in the textbooks are changing, and why the system is becoming more about passing tests and mindlessly absorbing useless information rather than actually truly developing intelligence and skills.

The media, the entertainment isn’t there for your leisure, it’s there to keep you distracted and keep your mind on far less important topics, ones people don’t even know exist because they’re kept so in the dark. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, TV, News, movies, they’re social manipulation tools that consistently keep the population on the edge of their seats, focused on ideas that become reality. Planting thoughts in front of our eyes causing them to become true regardless of validation. Which is why trends, social norms, racism, gender inequality, etc. are all such major issues. They’re consistently pushed into the minds of sheep. Social manipulation tactics used to form the minds of the people. To keep them in entranced form of thinking, docile, and susceptible to control.

It’s to the point that people think the political power thats running them has their best interest in heart— they don’t at all. They have money and power in their interest which proves true time after time. Not only in the way they manipulate the minds of the masses, but in the excessive amounts of money and energy going into creating artificial, modified, and chemically induced “food products” that are surely proven to be causing health problems, diseases, and especially death.

It’s not just some of it, it’s most of it. Almost any store with food items on display are consistently advertising products that have stated very clearly, multiple ingredients that are either unnatural or modified. Those additives, preservatives, flavors, colors, and chemicals are effectively proven to have become addictive to mass amounts of the population.

The bottom line? They start us off with indoctrination. While we’re still young our minds absorb information that we automatically know to become the truth. Throughout our young lives they use psychology to adjust our mindsets. They “educate” us with the information they deem important to our knowledge of life. They use the media to get your attention, control your ideas. They advertise using social manipulation and propaganda, effectively causing the majority to buy into the social norm of eating this new “food.” Causing sickness, resulting in the need for pharmaceuticals and medical procedures that have been proven to cause further harm. We are ants, soldiers, sheep, pawns. We are piggy banks, experiments, we are disposable.

None of our minds have been our own for decades and decades. There has been a hidden agenda for generations. At this point in time most of the country is under a sort of hypnosis. Sounds crazy for sure because no one is walking around with spirals in their eyes mumbling random nothingness, but if you really pay attention you see the physical and mental addiction to everyday “harmless” things. You see that no one truly has control over their mentality because it’s all based off of something so fragile. With all the material we’re being fed daily, it’s difficult for weak minded people to truly think for themselves and not go off of a subject consistently being put into their brains.

Something I’ve been coming to realize that’s pretty scary is our brains are actually extremely susceptible to an unknown amount of manipulation and modification. It’s minor to major, science is unfolding itself more and more and we haven’t even gotten a full century into modern science and technology and were just starting to break the ice. It’s terrifying how adaptable and moldable our brains, memories, and thought processes actually are.

Intelligence is not books smarts or street smarts or business smarts, it’s world smart. It’s knowing how things work and why things happen the way they do. From our physical actions to emotions to our thought processes, to seeing through the lies of our leaders and being aware of the state society as a whole is in.

They don’t want us to see that stuff. That’s why it’s so important that we don’t let it go, and that we help more people know, otherwise we’re just losing to their game. The “new world order” crazy stuff will become real the more docile and less self-thinking we become.

The closer we get to becoming more aware and understanding everything, we have a better grasp on reality and what’s going on at any given moment. This is incredibly useful in daily life but it also opens up door after door and eventually you realize that no matter what door you go through, they all lead back to one same place, and that place connects every single little aspect of everyone all the time.

It’s just a matter of exploring through those doors and going on a journey of learning and awakening, and it requires intention and the right mindset and following the right paths. You’ll never know where you’ll end up but you know you can always learn something at any given moment.

new world order

Courtny Hampton

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