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Blimps Over London

by Rebecca White 4 years ago in controversies
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Otherwise Known as the Likenesses of President Donald Trump and Mayor Sadiq Khan

Both are balloons. Both are used as protest images. Both are funny in their own way. Their reactions, however, couldn't be more different.

Both politicians (does Trump count?) have been turned into balloons. Both were then used as protest images. Both are funny in their own way. Their reactions, however, could not be any more different.

The Baby Trump Balloon had its first debut during President Trump's official trip to Britain. Funnily enough, I'm not entirely convinced he made any friends with the people here in Britain, but he didn't really have many to begin with. If you need convincing, please look up 'Fighting Trump: 2011' documentary on Youtube—basically, us Scots don't like him on principle, even if he supposedly brings business to Scotland. Although, that would imply that he is a successful businessman with a good reputation for successful businesses (he is a mixed bag, that is for sure).

(On that note, it seems golf courses and hotels are the limit of his business mind as all his successful ventures are of that nature while some of his unsuccessful ventures include: Trump Steaks, Trump University—one university I personally would not have gone to—and Trump Vodka. But yeah, buildings and golf courses—stick to what you know Donald).

His ability to shift between party lines and backtrack on his views while maintaining his ignorant facade surely didn't work on PM Teresa May as he insulted her the morning after a lovely, and expensive, evening that she hosted in honour of his visit, as he flat out said she won't be able to make a Brexit deal. He later said that he believed she could.

I do not think PM May will be quite so liberally throwing the cash around next time Trump comes to visit.

While PM May was trying to gain Americas support if Brexit went south, the British were protesting his very visit across the country—from London to Glasgow—and London had this lovely piece:

Yes folks, that is a blimp of Trump, dressed as a baby holding a smart phone. Quite a good likeness, I think.

This did, quite surprisingly, offend some people from the UK. And considering the Mayor of London okay'd the blimp for the protest, he made a few enemies that day. Enough enemies for them to crowdfund for his very own balloon likeness in a bright yellow bikini.

Sadiq Khan, however, was not overly bothered, being quoted as stating that yellow wasn't his colour. He didn't care that it was a way for those who dislike him to make fun of him. That man cannot be fazed.

That being said, Bikini Sadiq is much more flattering that Baby Trump. 'Paint me like you paint your French girls' pose much? I am starting to wonder if it was a protest or one of begrudging support... who knows?

Unlike Trump, who we all know to have taken offense over little, petty things while offending other world leaders (basically every single one, whether he has met them in person or not—isn't Twitter a wonderful innovation of communication?).

However, I don't see Bikini Sadiq getting quite the air miles that Baby Trump is getting as after London, the blimp has now been to Ireland and is currently in the United States of America. I'm eagerly awaiting the angry Tweets. While Sadiq has only made enemies on his home soil, so that particular blimp will not be cost effective.

I think the moral is this one: It's not wars or governance that show our elected leaders capabilities. It's stuff like this. It shows their humility, their sense of humour and empathy. These qualities make up a true leader.

For the Youtube Video I mentioned follow this link:

Photos used are not mine—I have no rights etc to them.

So, who did wear it better?

A likeness of the London Mayor, Sadiq Khan.


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Rebecca White

Undergraduate in History and just finished a Masters in Strategic Studies and Management, trying to get into the work of work which isn't paid at living wage by the hour.

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