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Battle of the Sexes: Red Pill vs. Feminism

Why men and women are struggling to find love, hope, and happiness.

By Aria WhitePublished 9 months ago 4 min read

Up until recently, I didn't know who Andrew Tate was. While I consider myself a pop culture aficionado, Tate and his cohorts fall outside my area of interest. Then my fiance showed me some of Tate's videos and the disgust that I felt can't be put into words.

In the videos, he talks about how women with high body counts are not worth being in relationships with and claims that women should submit to their men in ways akin to being a slave. He has also stated that women are supposed to be loyal and faithful to men but because of evolution and men's nature, loyalty and faithfulness are not a requirement for men. The double standards he promotes are sickening.

Cue feminists going ballistic. Heck, I went ballistic when I first watched the videos too. And while I consider myself a feminist to some extent, I don't associate myself with modern feminists as they present themselves today. Feminism is not about equality anymore; it's about taking down "the patriarchy" and taking over society. It's about putting women on a pedestal and erasing men altogether.

And this is exactly what the red pill movement has its panties in a wad over. The red pill movement is essentially a men's rights movement that claims men, contrary to feminist claims, are the ones who are truly oppressed in society.

After all, there are more men in prison than women, less men graduate from college than women, men hand over 25% or more of their income for child support, and men are treated like second-class citizens. Walk into any clothing or department store, and the men's clothing section is half the size of the women's. Men are not allowed to show emotion or open the door for a woman but they also become toxic when they try to be alpha leaders, protectors, and providers. Men can't win.

And when it comes to relationships, men can't find any women worth having as wives. At least, not in America. Modern American women - feminists in particular - are promiscuous, entitled, narcissistic, and think that being a boss babe brings value to a man's life more than making him a sandwich. Red pill ideology asserts that modern women have nothing to bring to the table because they are all "run through," refuse to be submissive housewives, and want to make millions on Only Fans instead of being barefoot and pregnant.

Modern-day feminists spend most of their time spewing hatred toward "toxic masculinity" and anyone who dares "mansplain" anything to them. And don't even think about opening a door for a feminist. She can do it her damn self. In fact, that's what most feminists aspire to be - independent women who don't need men while acting in such a way that they practically are men. They seek to completely rid society of any male-dominated space while claiming to fight for equality. Men, according to feminists, are like parasites who are no longer welcome in America.

So, if red pill men don't think any women of value exist, and feminists don't think men have any place in society, is it really any wonder that hook-up culture is so prevalent, fewer people are getting married, and many people are living lives of loneliness without purpose? Maybe, just maybe, both red pill men and feminists have got it all wrong.

Good men and good women do exist. I know because I am a good woman, know plenty of other good women, and am engaged to a good man. I was raised by one of the best men too. And I have been surrounded by both my entire life. Yes, I've had my share of heartbreak, and experiences that have soured my view of men. I have been lied to, cheated on, manipulated, and rejected. But I have learned over the years that those few bad apples don't represent men as a whole.

Likewise, women who sleep around, divorce men and take all their money, and prioritize climbing the corporate ladder over being a wife and mother are not the standard for all women. It just takes a lot of vetting to find those diamonds in the rough.

Perhaps red pill men and feminists are so jaded because of their personal experiences with dating and relationships. I would venture to guess that they tend to be attracted to the same type of not-good-for-them people, and then believe that all people are the same. So naturally, they are not going to have a good view of the opposite sex.

What needs to happen, is that people need to stop dating the same type of people they've always dated. Because as Albert Einstein said, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." People need to choose better partners and they'll have more positive experiences. They need to stop overlooking red flags, stop giving their bodies to people who haven't earned access, and start seeing the good in people instead. Maybe, just maybe, this will open their eyes to a whole new world of goodness and love.

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Aria White

Aria White is an author, mental health advocate, narcissistic abuse survivor, and relationship expert. Her first book, "Dear Me, I've Missed You" is available at Amazon and other book retailers. Follow her on Instagram @authorariawhite.

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