Balancing My Reality

by Sam Tensen about a year ago in humanity

You can get angry about the wrong in the world and blame the system for it, but we, as the people, ARE the government.

Balancing My Reality
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How painful must it be to wake up before the rest? I can't focus. There's too much input. How must I act? I'm awake and all I see are androids dependent on the system that will be their own downfall. I notice all the cameras. I slouch to avoid looking too tall. I can't trust others. I still am learning to trust myself. My mind, broken, scattered like the ashes of my own symbolism. Where are the false prophets? Why they're right here with me. They infiltrate my conscious and invade my dreams. How should I escape that which I was raised to believe? Where is the escape from thyself? The division comes from within. People of every viewpoint disagree with others they encounter. But each character you pass in the street, work with on the farm, kill on the mission, each is but a reflection of the personality that is within. I appear differently to every person I have ever met. Each has created a version of me that is seen in their minds.

Emotions. Emotions are the connections we make with others. Do you want to know why the world burns today? Ego, greed, idols, and icons? NO! It comes from within. Buildings burn and families cry, but the tears are not shed for me. Not you. I could simplify every action I make, knowing that the chemicals in my brain create the very words I type now. But I am more. I am more than chemicals. I am a soul. I am old in lifetimes. Nothing is wasted in this reality. Energy has cycles, repetitions. I am such. I am a soul, tucked into another perspective. Some see their own body as a prison, some idolize it for the rest to see. Each person that exists has a crisis. The term "existential crisis" brings a reaction similar to a scoff. But I'm having one right now. Who am I in this vast expanse of the universe? Am I meant to be here? Yes, and you are too. For when the world collapses at the faults of man, divisions will spread like wildfire. Trust will have to be earned, only for betrayal to occur. Time is meaningless. A term to be asked, for who truly knows what time it is? Not me. If all I have are my thoughts right now, of which I will have until my mortal body is ash, like my state of mind, my energy is directive. It responds to the presence of others, and the absence thereafter.

I don't live in the moment, I am the moment. I am. Those are the most powerful words I know, and that which leaves my mouth is but a spell that shapes my personal reality. I manifest that which I recognize to already be there. And I am already here. Thus I am manifested by the universe into who I am now. I can trust that I have the power to shape my path, even as the energy that surrounds me daily leads my direction. I am infinite. I make what I will. I have power. I am a self-actualizing being made of the very energy of the universe. I am stardust, and to dust, I will return.

Realizing Yourself

I am young, starting on my path. But time is such an example. The life of each soul that lives this present moment, will one day return to the energy from which the vessel was created. But that's ok. You don't have to live forever, change is inevitable. We are comfortable where we are. Such may not always be the case. For the most prevalent words I hear today come from the minds of those I surround myself with. As an empath, I keep my circle of friends tight. I only surround myself with others that can monitor their thoughts, which is what seperates the individual from the system. Today, that trait is needed. The world creates distractions and illusions to keep the peace. But how much can a government profit from a peaceful world? Not enough. War is an economy, which supports our branches of power in society. People want peace now, and we could have peace now. The papers state "give power back to the people." The funny thing is, the people DO have the power. But first we have to awaken the power in the people.

As a system, we are unaware, giving such dependency to the system that we would kill to protect it. But something to realize, is that, you, the individual reading this, are part of the people. The people, effectively, are the government. We vote mayors into office, but the system is geared towards believing the government will fix everything, almost as if the system were a father figure. You can get angry about the wrong in the world and blame the system for it, but we, as the people, ARE the government. The day of reckoning is the day people band together in rebellion against the politicians. These days, it feels like that will be an occasion to happen soon enough. The world is on fire, and nowadays, nothing is forgiven. I urge you, in the ripple effect we call the universe, make one. Educate yourself on the state of affairs in the world. Use the age of information, before the world changes drastically.

Sam Tensen
Sam Tensen
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