Are We Really

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"Making America Great Again"

Are We Really
What makes America Great?

I would like to open by first thanking all those who read this article. We must come to terms with the state of our Nation and ask ourselves is our nation truly going in the direction of what makes us great? In order to answer that question, I think we have to go to the very root of what truly makes America great to begin with. What is it that sets America apart from every other country? Let us take a long look at Our American History and let that be a guide to what sets us apart and why we are great to begin with.

We as a nation have overcome so many obstacles from struggles and battles from overseas to our own internal conflicts. We have battled physically and emotionally, facing problems that have tested our very core. Amazingly, America as pulled through each and everyone of them. We still have work to do, but who we are as a people and as a country has shown we will find away, we always have and I predict always will. How many wars have we fought both abroad and at home? How many trials have we faced and are still facing as a people? Racism, equality, beliefs, protection for us, protection for our kids, education, homelessness, poor, rich, capitalism, socialism, left or right side of the aisle, our views on other cultures, views on fellow Americans, taxes, military, abortion... the list is endless to our great many conflicts.

By any standard these issues have torn apart other countries. Countries have litterally spilt apart from issues like these, some still remain divided to date and require outside assistance to try and resolve their conflict. Issues that we face daily and still somehow manage to hold together. We have had a civil war, we have lost to many lives over our individual beliefs. We came to the brink of being separated but who we are would not to allow any separation to take a firm hold of us.

So what is it that keeps us together even in the most trying of times? History says it's our unique ability to find a way to come together and work for a better America. That is who we are. That is what separates us from every other country. That is the true American dream that people come from around the globe to be a part of.

We take "our freedoms" here very seriously but that is a commonality in all Americans. That is not unique to one race, one culture, one faith, or one party. We have sacrificed so much unto the idea that "all men are created equal," and the belief that all people have the right to pursue "life, liberty and happiness."

We have gotten a lot wrong in our pursuits but what matters is how we try to right those wrongs and keep striving for our core values as a whole. As one nation.

Right now we are in another battle. Right or left dominates the news today. Each side staking their claims and dividing us yet again.

However, we have to only ask ourselves one question and discuss it with inside ourselves with our soul and we can fix this divide that is tearing at our fabric once again. Is this the America our forefather's dreamed of?

Are we the country that alienates our friends?

Are we the United States when we stand divided due to party?

How many times does our nation have to fight the war on racism?

Are we the nation that silences those who dare to speak out on something that needs to be addressed? Many have stood for such a cause and because of that we have become a great country.

I know that if we are true to what our history has shown then we can overcome this too. This is not about republican or Democrat this is about our fabric and what makes us America. Diversity has always been here and we have been recognized by countries all over the globe for our ability to meet that diversity and celebrate it. For proof of that take a look at that statue that France gave us and read what's engraved on it.

It's time to put an end to this war which is easy to do when we put country before party. We are not winning America! We are loosing when we can no longer come together and find our way forward together. Say what you want about Hillary but she was correct on one thing: "Stronger together."

When we are divided and allow our government to embrace and strengthen that divide then we have failed to see what truly makes us great and no one should be standing for that national anthem because we have failed all who have sacrificed for what this country truly represents.

If those who are responsible cannot see what has made and what will always make America great then it is time for them to step down, and it should not matter what party they claim because the only party our president or any other government representative should be claiming is the party of the people. All people.

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