Antifa and Increasing Political Violence

by Thomas Sebacher about a year ago in controversies

The Pedagogy of Violence

Antifa and Increasing Political Violence

While people believe that anti-fascism is a reflection of fascism, the beginnings of fascism are surprisingly simple. The problem of fascism is that authoritarian nationalism is difficult to fight. People believe they are parts of nations and kill others to make those nations realities—this is evident in authoritarian states that use nationalism to keep power. Germany attempted to annihilate the Jewish, Israel is attempting to exterminate Palestinians, and Hungary, Poland, and Italy are currently proposing social cleansing on the scale of the Holocaust. We are on the knife-edge, and the world is about to plunge off the cliff towards fascism, totalitarianism, and authoritarianism. The problem of national security is now mentioned every day on the television. While this is concerning, those who we are securing ourselves from are fleeing violence. Those seeking asylum, those entering through refugee programs, are human beings fleeing situations which seem impossible to escape. They are fleeing atrocities committed by countries we have interfered with. For instance, people fleeing Central America and South America are fleeing governments whose affairs we constantly interfere with, rigging elections, embargoing countries, etc. Our tampering opens the way for fascism.

The problems of democracy are that people lose faith in bourgeois democracy as the situation fails to improve over time, which is why support for the system of government of the United States has reached all-time lows. Regime support is at around 50 percent, and tolerance is decreasing. Although the study I found discusses authoritarians being those not supporting the government, it conflates lack of support for bourgeois democracy as a lack of support for democracy in general. The people have declared American democracy dead, and proportions saying it would be permissible to close congress or the judiciary in times of crisis are increasing. This is paving a very dangerous path. The support for autocracy among the general population is increasing, and has been increasing since the Cold War, although some would argue that the United States has improved in freedoms guaranteed since the Cold War. The problem of American democracy is the Constitution.

The Constitution guarantees freedom of speech to all citizens. This is a mistake—the government should not support fundamentally undemocratic forces—the fascists should be destroyed. Communism is fundamentally democratic, as its goal is the liberation of the working class from the autocratic structure of capitalism. Political violence is the natural result of the conflict of democratic and non-democratic forces. As such, the rally at Charlottesville is a terrifying sign of rising support for authoritarianism, the Left is fighting for the rights of its constituents, the right is seeking to take these away. Anti-fascism seeks to destroy fascism and authoritarianism, but not to destroy democracy. Anybody who claims anti-fascist action is an authoritarian effort has clearly never spoken to anti-fascist activists, as they don't even have an organization, much less leaders, much less the organized capability to dismantle democracy, much less a willingness to do so. Anti-fascist Action is a group dedicated to the upholding of democracy. While some might frown upon violence, they are privileged.

They will likely not be tolerated by the fascists, who will murder them if necessary to move them out of the way. Anybody who gets in the way of a fascist organization is undertaking a very dangerous task. White supremacists, neo-Nazis, and fascists are incredibly violent in their organizational structure and in their dealings with traitors and infiltrators. The left directly opposing them is merely its action of self-defense. If we allow the fascists to gain power, we will all die. Make no mistake, that if this occurs, it must occur with the cessation of ground through compromise, and this will cause the destruction of society that holds at its core democracy. The RED and BLACK must fight back against the fascists, otherwise it cannot succeed; they will be killed. We cannot apologize for terrorizing those who would just as soon murder us. Tolerance is decreasing as a result of political polarization caused by the Right, not the left. The economic and political crises that happen now are the same that have happened before in the 1930s, at least in principle and effect.

Anti-fascism is political violence to end political violence. If we don't fight, we will die. Make no mistake, I fight for my friends, my comrades, and myself. I would die to keep my friends and family safe, and that is what anti-fascism is about. We cannot compromise because if we do we might die. This fact is nothing new to the left, but to the right there are few consequences. They don't care. They don't realize that anti-fascist organizing, no matter how violent, is defending oneself and the people in the community from violence that the right is entirely willing to commit, lawfully or unlawfully.

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