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Andrew Yang Wants to Put Money in Your Bank

by Rani Lozano 3 years ago in legislation

Andrew Yang’s Monetary Scheme

Democratic Andrew Yang greets the many supporters and growing youths in "Humanity First Tour Town Hall in Las Vegas", Nevada, 2019.

Are you a kid that is gonna be turning or is already 18 years old? Do you young adults want 1,000 dollars to do anything you want! Well, Democratic Candidate/Entrepreneur Andrew Yang does. He wants you to become rich with the advocated policy “Universal Basic Income”. The Universal Basic Income policy wasn’t his idea in the first place. Explained in “Democratic Candidate Andrew Yang Wants To Make You $12,000 Richer” by Mike Prevatt, Universal Basic Income is a policy where everyone in a society gets a certain amount of money to do whatever you want to meet your basic needs,'' he explained, "And my plan—The Freedom Dividend—would put $1,000 a month into the hands of every American adult starting at age 18." As he is currently a democratic candidate, if he pulls through to becoming the nominated president, how would the Universal Basic Income policy thrive.

In order to make the “Universal Basic Income” policy thrive, the main source of its power is money. Money is the current medium exchange that circulates throughout the economy. In order to finance the “Universal Basic Income” policy, Stated in “Democratic Candidate Andrew Yang Wants To Make You $12,000 Richer” by Mike Prevatt, “To pay for the program, Yang wants to tap into the money made by technology companies that use our personal data. He notes that personal data is now worth more than oil." By taking these funds out of companies that use our personal data for their own profit, they will now have to give our cut of the profit. Explained in “Democratic Candidate Andrew Yang Wants To Make You $12,000 Richer” by Mike Prevatt, “Facebook, Amazon, Google, they’re profiting to the tune of tens of billions of dollars off our data," he said, "If we got our fair share of our own data value then we could easily afford dividend of a $1,000 a month over time." With these funds that are gained by these big incorporation's, this action would be one of the major benefactors for Universal Basic Income policy to thrive.

Policies don’t just run on money alone, but how it’s gonna affect our society. The aftermath could have a good or bad effect and the affected could have a big retaliation depending on how the policies are going to affect them. This is very important for these types of decisions and Democratic Candidate Andrew Yang took the bull by the horns and started “Universal Basic Income” so everyone gets helped out. According to the article “Democratic Candidate Andrew Yang Wants To Make You $12,000 Richer” by Mike Prevatt, "We automated away 4 million manufacturing jobs in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and those states all went to Donald Trump,” he said.” With this reason, Democratic Candidate Andrew Yang couldn’t stand on the side lines no more as he saw that the economy was making it harder to create businesses and let the citizens do whatever they want. By letting this happen because of Trump, many people are feeling very frustrated and stressed out causing suicides, drug overdoses and financial insecurities.

As problematic as this situation may be, Andrew Yang accesses the issue calmly as he uses his own strategies to overcome the problem as stated in the article “Democratic Candidate Andrew Yang Wants To Make You $12,000 Richer” by Mike Prevatt, He explains, ”You have to ask yourself: What are the true costs? How should we be measuring progress? If you have high GDP and your people are dying, is that a measurement problem or an ‘us’ problem. And I would say it is clearly a measurement problem.” He asks and thinks about these questions all the time just like how he worries about his children. He understands that taking care of a country is just like taking care of a kid and as he had two kids of his own, in the article “Democratic Candidate Andrew Yang Wants To Make You $12,000 Richer” by Mike Prevatt “ He said if factors like children's health and environmental sustainability were factored into people's ideas on addressing climate change, renewable energy would be considered a cost saver”. He doesn’t cast aside the people's voices, but he listens to them just like his own children.

Andrew Yang a successful entrepreneur and a father of two wants to keep his children safe from harm's way just like the people of America. His fame doesn’t just come from being an entrepreneur and a Democratic presidential candidate, but his fame comes from the majority that support him. Without his plan to charge big companies to handle our data, the people’s support and the confidence to overcome problems that we citizens face, he wouldn't be able to get the recognition by the people. He also wouldn’t be able to qualify for the Democratic debates coming this November too.


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