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An Open Letter to School Shooters

by CD Turner 4 years ago in activism
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I'm tired of making excuses for those who obviously have such narrow-minded disregard for humanity.

Dear you.

Just you.

No names, no recognition, no separation of yourself from the others.

Just... dear you.

Was it their happiness that offended you? Perhaps their innocence? Maybe they weren't so innocent. Maybe they bullied you on a daily basis. Maybe they got away with too much and you, too little.

Maybe you're just pathetic.

Having a gun doesn't make you a soldier or crusader for a cause. It makes you another statistical psychopath. The news media will flaunt your mental health like a banner and it'll be to your pride that you finally got noticed. I've also noticed you, but I don't feel sorry for you. But I don't hate you either.

I nothing you.

Because that's what you deserve for your crimes... a life of pure nothing. Just a cell, the basic amenities, and three concrete walls for friends. No hobbies, no phone calls, no posters or artwork to stare at. I don't even think you deserve light. Let them keep you in darkness, the same fate you bestowed upon your victims like have the right over death. You can befriend the monsters in the dark, your equals.

Any chance of being loved you have squandered because you have taken away the light out of innocent souls. You had no rights to those souls. By taking them, you have robbed not only them but their families of joy. They will cry, graveside, for them and scorn your continued existence.

But I do not think you should die. That would be too much of a mercy for you. I think you should remain imprisoned for the rest of your days, being haunted by the faces of those you have blighted out of life. Let their blood be forever dried on your skin.

Now I have a message to news media that seems to treat these tragedies as nothing more than fodder for views. Your handling of these crimes is contemptible. You have the families of the lost crying for your cameras, exploiting every tear dropped. You try to find excuses for the shooter's behavior instead of mourning the victims. This cycle of violence is destined to continue if you keep plastering the names of the perpetrators. It's what they want... attention. And the fact that you give them such attention is why you're nearly an accessory to these crimes. Even the gunmen who took their own lives are getting more airtime than the victims.

I believe in freedom of the press, but the fact that journalists and news broadcasts act like vultures in the face of domestic terrorism is disgusting. I don't expect you to take any of this to heart. I'm just another pissed off liberal cuck complaining about things I can't change. But I refuse to be complacent in this day and age. I refuse to be silent because older generations tell me to. Older doesn't mean wiser and younger doesn't mean naive.

Democrats have taken back the House, yet I am not serene. Why do we even have to fight for our rights? I have done no crimes and people I don't know want to deprive me of my rights to choose. What have I done to you other than try to live my life as peaceably as possible, setting my own parameters, my own rules? Why does body autonomy offend you so much? What right do you have to decide whether I deserve health insurance or not?

I'm so tired of feeling like I'm a conveyor belt, destined to be examined for every flaw and perceived wrongdoing. I just want to live. Those kids wanted to live. Yet the message the news portrays is that life is expendable because of the Bible, because of the pecking order, because of the rich men in office blinding signing their names to whatever to get their pound of flesh.

And yet you think I'm entitled. Spoiled. Is it entitlement to want to live without having to jump through hoops?


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