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An Open Letter To Donald Trump:

by Lauren MacDonald 2 years ago in trump
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It Is Time To Go.

Dear Donald Trump,

Where is your evidence of voter fraud?

I’d like to begin by stating that I am shocked that the 2020 race for President of the United States is this close as America sits in the midst of a crushing pandemic in which numbers are again rising. Racism still clings to all places in the country, and there is a man steeped in bigotry, sexism, and hatred sitting on his self-proclaimed throne behind an un-scalable wall, while he quite clearly continues to misunderstand the meaning of democracy.

I see you. I see a dictator-in-the-making that is floundering. You are panicking as you cling to whatever power it is that you think you have left. Why are you trying to stand in the way of the American constitution?

Mr. Trump, there is no amount of stalling, lawsuits, recounts, or false claims of fraudulent counting that is going to turn the table back to your favor.

The American people have spoken via their right to vote. We are telling you right now you’re your time is coming to an end. Your silence during the last two days proves that you are in no way a leader.

You spoke from the White House in the early morning hours of Nov. 4, claiming a premature, invalid victory using the same propaganda-like tactics that seem to have made so many blindly follow you.

We have heard nothing from you since.

Instead, you are wasting energy filing lawsuits left and right. Hell, you filed 6 lawsuits in the weeks prior to election day, all of which were thrown out. Your legal pursuits carry no weight.

I think it would be beneficial for you to remember that America does not have a King. You are simply an unfortunate elected official and the country looks like it is about to elect someone new.

You are handling your loss like a child who hasn’t yet figured out the value of sportsmanship, would handle the loss of their first t-ball game. I am not sure why I expected you to concede and leave the Oval office with some small shred of dignity intact.

Just try to remember that at this moment, you are still the image that represents our country. Just this once, while the rest of the world is watching, could you please try not to make us look foolish?

Over the last 4 years, you have managed to divide a beautiful country and turn it into something that resembles one of your despicable reality TV shows. This show only has ratings because you, especially now, are like that horrible train wreck that we will ourselves not to stare at, but can’t look away.

This show that you created is not a Television program at all, though. Actual American lives hang in the balance.

I truly believe that this is a life or death vote. So many American lives depend on this vote for change. You don’t care about that though, do you?

You have said that you wanted to make history, to be remembered for "making America great, again." I am positive that our vision of greatness are vastly different.

Sure, the economy was good for a while... for those who had money in the first place. But in no way, will you ever be remembered in the history books as a great American leader.

You failed. Your conscience does not exist. You are losing the election as we speak and you continue to use Twitter as your avenue of communication to spit a few more lies at the people before you go.

The Trump campaign is claiming that stacks of votes for Joe Biden are “magically appearing.” No, Mr. President, Joe Biden supporters and others, who have refused to be brain-washed, chose not to pay any mind to your preposterous claims that mailing in a ballot early, would somehow create a fraudulent election.

This makes it so that a larger percentage of the remaining ballots to be counted are in favor of Mr. Biden, and you know that which is why you have begun flailing around searching desperately for last-ditch efforts at the expense of us, the people.

You have tried to instill fear in the Americans who refuse to support you, and you hold on to your current supporters by any means possible. It’s a shame that not everyone is able to see through your evil.

Now you want to halt the counting of votes, per your lawsuits in the multiple states in which you may not pull through. You must know that the states have paper trails to prove that the counted ballots and those remaining to be counted are legitimate and legal, cast or postmarked on or before election day.

You are attempting to silence the citizens of the United States.

Through your legal pursuits, you are trying to revoke the right of the American people. You are blasting the democratic party by saying that they are the ones stealing trying to steal this election.

Your team has spoken to the media, telling the world that the democrats are cheating and that you have in fact won this race fair and square.

It is you, sir, who is the so-called leader that is not above rigging an election. There is no lack of republic election lawyers or viewers watching the count in any state.

So I will ask you again, where is your evidence of voting fraud?

Just because you don't like the potential outcome, does not in any way mean that there is anything nefarious going on. It is way past your time to grow up, Mr. Trump.

When you were elected in 2016, I was hoping that you would humble yourself and at least try to come across as someone who ran for president with the greater good in mind.

The years dragged on, however. Time and time again, you proved that the greater good is the last thing that resides in your empty head.

You are motivated by dollar signs for your billionaire pals. You are motivated by the thirst for a powerful image and ultimate control. Four more years of you is the last thing that our country needs.

Mr. Trump, it is time for you to learn that love and kindness will always win. I am not sure why you weren’t raised to distinguish between right and wrong, and I do pity you.

So, before I close this letter, I just want to send you off with a few bits of insight. You will lose the 2020 election because you care for no one other than yourself.

We will continue to stand together to tell you that:

• Black Lives Matter.

• Feminism is for everyone.

• Women’s rights are human rights.

• Humans are not illegal.

• Science is real.

• Love is Love.

• Healthcare is a right, not a privilege.

• Water is everything.

• Global warming is an existential threat.

• Kindness is everything.

Mr. Trump, enough is enough. You will not prevail. Democracy will win this last fight that you have presented us with. We will not fear you or your ill-will and scare tactics. We the people, refuse to let you silence us. Every single vote will be counted, as is the American way.


About the author

Lauren MacDonald

I have a new start up blog, where the focus is mental health awareness, mindful wellbeing and positivity. I am currently a student at Lesley University in pursuit of my BA in Psychology. Mental health is my passion.

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