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The Reality We Live In


I am a child of the 80s! Many can attest that the 80s was probably one of the best eras in American history. I remember being a child and not for one moment ever fearing for my life or feeling threatened in any fashion. Yes, I was a kid back then, but even so I still felt free as a bird and there was a calmness in people that is unrecognizable today.

When I speak to people from my generation, whether black or white, in that moment we can all agree this particular time in America was almost serene compared today. The most asked question is... why?

Why... why... why? How did things get to where they are today? I have a few notions as to why and it's not pretty or welcoming. Here it goes! This society has never been pretty. When I look back as a kid from the 80s, one thing that has changed for sure is technology. Back in the day, if bad news happened we only got the gist of it from the local news stations or from hearsay. Technology has given us a bird's eye view into what's really going on and the offenses taking place. The violence is real, the bigotry is real, the hate is real... everything is real because we can now see it with our own eyes instantly through someone else's lens or our own! The ability to see things with your own eyes, upfront and center creates a different type of human compared to yesterday.

It's easy to believe that the world or city you live in is a calm place when you are not privy to what's really going on!

Rascim, sexism, and bigotry has always been the crutch that has been the lifeline and core of American values. People can pretend all they want as if we are so humbled and appeased with niceties and pleasantries towards each other, but we "feel" the truth whether we acknowledge it or not. We are a torn country constantly fighting between the sins of evil and the virtues of good. Humans are very good at pretending to be. Our conformity and acceptance of ill behavior towards other humans has created an almost hellish existence on this earthly planet.

We have become a nation of cowards or could it be that cowardice has always been a part of the American DNA because had it not, the many atrocities stowed upon your fellow brother or sister would never have been allowed to happen. To many of us have just sat back in our little safe spaces and allowed this country to be sucked dry of all its humanity.

We are a country full of hypocrisy, starting at the ranks from the top to the bottom. How can this great nation we call America be an example of democracy if we can't even respect our citizens? Who are we? What do we truly stand for?

I truly hope that our future generation will somehow escape this madness. I hope that the youngsters growing up today will one day get a chance to experience what it's like to be truly free.

A nation is as great as its leaders of the free world and let me tell you right now, we get a big freaking F on our report card. Humanity is at an all time low and not just in America. Chaos has affected people all across the nation and from every inch of the world. It's no wonder we prefer our pets over humans.

How do we make America great again? My question to you, the reader, has it ever been really that great?

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