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A Letter to a Divided Nation

by Nick Sones 2 years ago in trump

Towards Unity

To The Republic,

What keeps this administration up at night are the poor and downtrodden in America, those souls who long to be free from their impoverishment. What keeps this administration up at night are the African Americans who have never been able to enjoy the full rights and privileges of a nation that still only sees them as being half free. What keeps this administration up at night are the Latinos and Latinas in who live in fear of being rounded up and having their government kidnap their children. For if their children are to be kidnapped, they will surely be treated with cruelty and violence.

The administration wants to act like nothing is wrong in America because they would rather terrorize those who don’t enjoy the full liberties of America than offend the nazis who do the state-sponsored terrorizing of citizens on behalf of the administration and state-led by Donald Trump. This is an administration that peddles in conspiracy and hate. It’s one that said damn the better angels of American society and damns a united America, for a united America is largely one that is at peace with itself.

Some have argued this is a moment and that it will eventually pass in America. This is a cop-out, it is an excuse by the very people who have never until this moment thought about taking Democracy seriously. Trumpism is a disease of the mind and the spirit of America. Trumpism happens in the absence of patriotism, in the absence of tending to the garden of Democracy. To pretend this is something new is a lie, this disease has always been here lurking in the shadows waiting for its moment. With Trump, the disease has had an opportunity to spread, and it has an opportunity to overtake the good and the righteousness that is America. We need to understand something, and I hope this is the main takeaway, unity defeats the disease. Unity and patriotism defeat Trumpism. Certainly, I’d be naive to argue unity alone will solve everything, it won’t, but it will go a lot further than any other one act. Unity in how we vote, unity in our ideas. Unity in how we act to our fellow citizens’ yearning to be free. Unity will go a long way in curbing Trumpism and it’s neo-fascist tendencies.

As adults and as citizens we have tremendous power, and we need to keep it one hundred, and what that means is we must grapple with the larger effects of Trumpism. We must deal with the issue of how this affects the most vulnerable in our society, the little people, the young, these children, and we know from Trump’s past that he preys on kids, especially young women. We need to reassure the children in America that we the adults know we must be better than this, and that we can be better than this, that we must locate the better angels of our society and bring them back to the fore of American society.

Towards Unity,

Nicholas Sones


Nick Sones

Writing Politically, Commentating Dangerously.

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Nick Sones
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