A Good Humbling

The most Scotland can hope for.

A Good Humbling
The Birth of Holyrood

The general election is making me laugh, only because we have a saying in Scotland "if ye did'nae laugh ye wid grete" translation from Scots, if you didn't laugh you would cry. The tears of happiness are far more appealing than tears of sadness. Chin up and smile though your heart is breaking tends to be main attitude in Scotland when the shit is hitting the fan.

Theresa May pulled an ace out her sleeve by calling a General Election, it was all going a bit wrong after Brexit with a mixture between the Remainer's and the SNP pulling the UK in different directions against what the majority of the people of the UK wanted in voting to leave the European union. What did the overall Leader have left but give it back to the people to decided and create a unified voice in the Brexit negotiations.

This is where a General Election makes no sense to the point of devolution or possible isn't compatible with a form of federalism that devolution actually creates. All the issue that matter beyond the constitutional question to the people of Scotland are all devolved to the Scottish parliament e.g. health, education, policing, etc.

The other night on twitter I asked the 2 leading candidates Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn why is it OK for devolved administrations to breach our human rights? Of course no response from either one. This raises the question why are the devolved administrations not held to the same accountability as Westminster with a second chamber over looking legislation.

The General Election's 2 most likely candidates for Prime Minister at Westminster can't answer beyond, the more we spend on such things in England the more than the Barnett Formula consequentials it will increase spending for devolved administration and devolved matters are devolved to the each country of the union so outwith Westminster control unless it's bound also by reserved matter, e.g. data protection, that is actually until we leave the EU reserved to the EU, but as the UK is the member of the EU it means it's reserved to Westminster to write into over all UK stature.

The reserved matters that Westminster deals with are being over looked beyond the big black cloud that looms over Scotland politically aka the constitutional question with add dimension of another constitutional questions through Brexit.

The ability to hold a referendum on Scottish independence, for all the SNP in conjunction with the Scottish Green lackeys bring forth a bill that calls for fresh referendum due to the Brexit result at the Scottish parliament, it is still a reserved matter to Westminster and it is here that such a motion would have to be granted.

The SNP have ignored the No voters so much that have now pushed them into fighting the Scottish referendum over and over again with each passing election, actual governance and policy is majorly over looked in these times.

During this General election the No voters are now suffering from a collective madness that infected a majority of the Yes voters after not winning the referendum by placing trust in parties rather than policies and each other.

The tactical voting gives No voters the same tactical advantage as the SNP in numbers of votes and there is no party loyalty in this, it's just which of the 3 main unionist parties, Conservative, Labour or Liberal Democrats have the highest chance of winning against the SNP in each constituency.

I get it from a Yes voter's point of view why the No voters are tactical voting. The SNP knows the No voters vote is split, unlike the majority of YES voters that place all their eggs in 1 basket. When will we ever learn Scotland ?

The most the No voters and some leave voting Yes voters can hope for is the SNP to be humbled. This is a General Election not a Holyrood election. The SNP will still be in charge here in Scotland even after the General Election.

If they are humbled by losing a chunk of their just recently gained MP's, then they possibly might listen to the people of Scotland and not just their own parties hopes and desires, that actually have nothing to do with Scottish people regaining their sovereignty. Don't be counting any chicks before they've hatched, even with a humbling that the SNP would actually listen to us filthy Scots !

Can I suggest to the No voters please look at the policies beyond the constitutional questions that each of these parties have in their manifestos, as policy is why I choose to spoil my ballot and not just lend it to some other party than SNP.

It will be in your shoulders what policies the winning party push through Westminster other than the ability to hold another referendum on Scottish independence and good negotiations in Brexit.

Liberty is important to me and as an ex-SNP voter we have an unaccountable parliament here in Scotland and this General Election doesn't fix that. Holyrood voted to extend the Scottish parliamentary term to 5 years from 4 so it didn't clash with General Election 2020, apparently us Scots are to thick and can't separate devolved and reserved matters. That won't be happening now as this snap General Election will create another 5 year parliamentary term at Westminster with next general election being in 2022. Why does Holyrood parliamentary term now still have to be 5 Years and what policies will passed under our noses at Holyrood and Westminster while we all fight constitutual questions, be it Scotttish or British?

They use these very times to distract us. Like Scottish parliament used Scottish referendum of 2014 to pass Legislation that breached our human rights aka parts 4 & 5 of CYPA(S)14 and Westminster passed the IP Bill during Brexit. What are they distracting from this time?

It is not enough to care where we are governed from, how we are governed has to matter even more.

The picture above is from the campaign to get a Scottish parliament once again. With only minor devolved powers, not sure if I even voted YES, YES, think my big Brother influenced me to vote YES, NO, since even then we knew the TAX powers on offer were useless and why no one used them in the devolved parliament, unlike the devolution now. Think he would have agree with me on this ........


We don't need another hero

We don't need to know the way home

All we want is life beyond the Thunderdome

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