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A Chain Reaction of Change

by Jeff McCarty 2 years ago in new world order
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When we analyze the global human civilization that we exist within, we must contemplate if we are satisfied with the current state of affairs. Can we look at the complete population of the human species and say that all human beings currently enjoy their Privileges of Existence? Has our civilization advanced to a point where we can say we are truly civilized? When we think about our answers we must remind ourselves of the entire human species. With the full spectrum of humanity in scope, we should all be able to say that we have much more work to do as a species to positively progress to a point where our global human civilization has the best interests and opportunities available to every member of the human species.

This is the pursuit we have endeavored upon as the Human Civilization Reformation Coalition. Each member of the human species must actively partake in this pursuit as well. The actions of humanity as a whole are represented by the actions of each human being. Although actions we make as individual human beings may seem inconsequential, we must remember that our actions as individuals are adding to the overall actions of humanity, and when enough human being’s actions add up they can equal the critical mass required to initiate a chain reaction. All chain reactions have a result. Each of us as individual human beings and collectively as the human species must come to this crucial understanding of how our actions in the here and now have a direct impact on our global human civilization. We must ensure we are satisfied with the result of the chain reactions we initiate as human beings.

Each member of the human species should be able to agree that humanity has a culmination of problems that are threatening the livelihood of the entire human species. As individual human beings our beliefs in which problems are most crucial to solving, and the answers we believe may solve those problems are varied, to say the least. The mere mentioning of certain problems and the ignoring of other problems can invoke a chain reaction of its own from all sides of the opinion spectrum. As human beings, the problems we deem as threats that need to be solved can be traced back to the fact we each have unique individual experiences and beliefs that shape our perceptions of the existence we are experiencing. This is the lens in which we view existence and determine what we feel is important. Regardless of which threats we want to believe are most important, we should all be able to agree that as the human species we have very real threats to our longevity as a species.

As the HCRC, we believe that we can catalog a problem as a threat to humanity if it is a problem that threatens our abilities to provide the privileges of existence to ourselves and our fellow human beings. Another filtering system for determining if something any human being may consider a problem is an actual threat to humanity is to look at what that human being may consider the problem is and what the potential solution could be. If the problem is due to an individual or group of human beings being granted the privileges of existence or the potential solution disregards their privileges of existence, then we can easily determine that the mindset that has deemed this a problem is under the influence of the division mentality. True threats to humanity threaten every human being’s privileges of existence, and any potential solution must keep every single human being’s privileges of existence intact while sustaining our planet.

To solve these threats towards humanity, we must find the root cause of why these threats have emerged. We cannot solve the threats that we face as a species if we do not understand why these threats exist and the original actions that caused these threats to occur. Uncovering the underlying cause of these threats is our path towards humanity reducing and eliminating these threats to our livelihood as a species. When we can understand what actions caused the chain reaction that has allowed any threat towards humanity to fester, we can then began to hack those actions and make conscientious changes towards actions that will reduce and eventually eliminate that threat.

When we begin to take a look at each threat towards humanity the question then becomes what actions must we change as a species to reduce and eliminate these threats? As the HCRC, we believe that we must delve into the nature of why we choose to take the actions we do in the first place before we decide what actions to make. As we all know generally around the New Year period, it is easy to say you want to take different actions in your individual life, saying it and taking actual action are two very different things though. This is why we must understand what motivates and dictates the actions we take before moving forward.

Our actions are a result of the prior experiences and perceptions of existence gained throughout our life. When any human being has been presented a situation that requires an action or decision we draw upon, both consciously or unconsciously, our prior experiences and perceptions to help us make the current decision at hand. To truly build a better global human civilization we must work to change our experiences and perceptions to foster a human species that operates in solidarity to reduce and eliminate the current threats towards the longevity of the human species. Our experiences and perceptions of the existence we are experiencing as human beings can be changed day by day through our mindset and in turn, our actions will change day by day.

As the HCRC, we believe that making conscientious changes to our mindset as individuals will add up to equal the critical mass required to positively progress the human species. We believe framing our mindset as individual human beings towards certain guiding principles are the cornerstone of building a better global human civilization. These guiding principles will allow us as a species to ensure our actions align with the chain reaction we want to create. The chain reaction needed to build a better global human civilization. Join us next Friday as we explore guiding principles we believe are necessary towards building a global human civilization that has the best interests of every single member of the human species.

Until next time, I am Jeff McCarty and I just want to thank you for your time in reading. Looking forward to seeing you next post around. In the meantime, don’t forget to explore our website and to follow the HCRC on social media. Thanks again.

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Jeff McCarty

I create content for a nonprofit organization, called the Human Civilization Reformation Coalition. Our focus is positively progressing humanity. All tips go towards the nonprofit organization, and the further creation of content.

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