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5 things I'll miss about Donald

by James Brown 7 months ago in trump

I'm surprised he made it this far...

Donald J. Trump. What a guy.

I don't mean that in a 'sit-back-in-admiration' way like I would for someone like Steve Carell or John Krasinski (for all you US Office lovers out there). I mean it in a 'what a ridiculous 4-years it's been' kinda way.

During my final year at Uni I decided to write my dissertation on Donald. In particular about Donald Trump and toxic masculinity - a phrase that has risen to prominence over these past 4-years... I can't think why.

I wonder how different a dissertation on him would look now...

During my research I came across loads of news stories that made for horrendous reading about his past behaviour, his past comments on certain individuals and his general character that has remained largely unchanged during his tenure as P.O.T.U.S.. I distinctly remember thinking at them time, almost on a daily basis,

"How has someone like this ended up in the White House?"

There are undoubtedly plenty of answers, some valid and some certainly less valid. In a way, it's a pointless question because he's there, and he's been there for 4-years.

Documentaries about his presidency will be among some of the most interesting, shocking and baffling you'll probably ever watch. Think of how unlucky our children, grandchildren and possible great-grandchildren are going to be learning about Mr Trump at school.

Why unlucky?

Well, simply put, we got to LIVE it. It's been a roller-coaster four years, an era that rarely made for boring reading on the news; one that sparked furious debate and bemused laughter, scoffs and confusion (from the U.K. anyway).

So here are the 5 things I'll miss most about Donald:

1) 10-hour loops of him saying 'China'

2) Facial expressions - they're so good for GIFs and memes.

3) His Twitter account - I might actually get back on Twitter now.

4) Melania swerving him, so many examples to choose from...

5) The small hands debate

All that being said, there's still plenty to come out and happen over the weeks and months and not all of it is so funny... but strap yourselves in, it'll be a bumpy ride!

Stay tuned.

That's all for this one folks. If you have any comments about anything I've mentioned then drop me a DM on Instagram to @james_rcb and I'll be sure to respond, unless you're nasty. If you enjoyed this piece, be sure to drop a like and a tip (if you're feeling particularly generous). See you next time.

James Brown
James Brown
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James Brown
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