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4 Gambian Diplomats Expelled From US: As Ghana Floats Giving Diplomatic Passports To Male Entertainers With Problematic Histories

People don't seem to understand diplomatic immunity

By IwriteMywrongsPublished 7 months ago Updated 7 months ago 4 min read
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Tuesday, 8 August 2023

By: TB Obwoge

Apparently people don't seem to understand what being a diplomat means, nor do they care. Having a diplomatic passport is not something that should be floated lightly. A former French ambassador to Ghana made the moronic comment about giving diplomatic passports to Ghanian male artists who have acted like petulant children and degraded women.

UTV Ghana

July 31 at 5:33 AM

According to former France Ambassador to Ghana, Anne-Sophie Avé, Ghana should consider granting diplomatic passports to artistes like Sarkodie, Stonebwoy, Black Sherif, Shatta Wale, R2Bees, and King Promise.

from UTV News Ghana's Public Facebook Page

A diplomatic passport is a type of identity document that is only issued to certain individuals. This type of passport is most often used by diplomats and other government officials to journey overseas.

Diplomatic Passport Definition

A diplomatic passport is used by high-ranking government officials to travel internationally with more ease. It is also commonly used by diplomats who are stationed overseas. The holder can cross international borders while bypassing a lot of the typical travel regulations that regular passport holders must follow.

Using a diplomatic passport means that the holder is traveling on official government business.

Source: HandyVisa

A Black man Sarkodie, who just called his ex-girlfriend a whore and former French Ambassador to Ghana, claims that several male artists should get diplomatic passports. 

Yvonne Nelson wrote about memoir about her life, where she talked about getting pregnant by so-called Ghanian rapper (who raps in Twi a language only 17 to 18 million people speak in Ghana) and he didn't want the baby. So she had an abortion.

Sarkodie who has a history of belittling women and his ex's mad a song where he called Yvonne a whore. 

These morons have no idea what diplomatic immunity means. Giving men who have said and done some of the worst things in their careers diplomatic passports would open the world up to their childish and abusive behavior.

The list of men are Stone boy, Shatta Wale, Sarkodie, King Promise and R2bees. This former ambassador thinks giving men who have very problematic histories diplomatic passports is a good idea. 

Even though 2 of them have publicly joked about rape, Shatta Wale is often in trouble in Ghana and has been arrested by Ghana police more than once. He was even sued by another Ghanian artist and settled out of court just a few weeks ago.

Screenshot from Google

Screenshot from Social Media Post

These are two of the Ghanian men that this French Ambassador thinks should get diplomatic passports. So they can freely travel with immunity to do whatever they want without any enforcement from the law?

A man who is said to have raped a woman and another who called his ex a whore, then mad a rap song where he publicly shared for all of Ghana to also abuse this same woman.

Screenshot from Social media


The US Department of State has explained the decision behind the expulsion of four Gambian diplomats at the embassy in Washington.

The diplomats Abdu Cham, Pa Sako Darboe, Mustapha Sosseh and Alhagie Babou Joof were given until 17 July to leave the United States. The US State Department explains each diplomat’s situation as follow

Abdu Cham

According to the Department of State, Abdu Cham, a counsellor at the Gambian Embassy in Washington, DC, is found wanting by the Montgomery County Police Department (MCPD) of striking his daughter, with a mop.

“The mop left markings on the daughter’s arms. The MCPD further reported that based on the victims’ injuries and evidence at the scene, had it not been for his diplomatic immunity, Mr Cham would have been arrested under state law and charged with second degree child abuse,” the State Department said.

Mr Cham’s case was referred to Child Protective Services (CPS) who provides recommendations and access to resources to assist families.

Pa Sako Darboe

On the case of Pa Sako Darboe, a first secretary, the Department of State said he is found wanting of taking into custody transfer documents for a thirteen-year-old girl, and a fourteen-year-old boy.

“A subsequent investigation by the Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) determined that the custody transfer documents were fraudulent, and that Mr Darboe used these fraudulent documents to enroll the two children in school in Montgomery County, Maryland,” it added.

Alhagie Babou Joof

The DSS also found that, separately, Mr Alhagie Babou Joof, a finance attaché, had participated in visa fraud.

Mustapha Sosseh

“Finally, DSS found that Mustapha Sosseh, the Deputy Chief of Mission at the embassy, had been associated with visa applications with fraudulent indicators and that the illicit schemes described above took place under his leadership.

Accordingly, pursuant to Article 9 of the Vienna Convention on

Diplomatic Relations, the above-named individuals and their dependents are required to depart the United States no later than July 17, 2023, at which point they will cease to enjoy any privileges and immunities,” the statement said.

Source: Standard Gambia

So now Ghana thinks that these men have the right to travel on diplomatic passports just to force people to travel to the colorist nation of Ghana? Where even other Black West Africans receive discrimination and xenophobia. This is total nonsense!

Thank you for reading 🙏🏽 Please consider buying a coffee for Lacey’s House efforts in Gender Equality & Children’s Rights as it tries to move international.

©️TB Obwoge 2023 All Rights Reserved

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