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35 Reasons I would have an Abortion

by Shelby Larsen 3 months ago in legislation
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1 in 4 women will have an abortion by 45*

35 Reasons I would have an Abortion
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Our country took a 50 year leap into the past, overturning precedent that has been set for half a century. When I read that Roe v. Wade had been overturned, I curled up next to my fiancé and cried.

I firmly believe that in my lifetime, people born with uteruses will never see true equality. Abortion is not a privilege. It is a right. It is a private right, one that should be between a pregnant person and their doctor (not a bunch of men in politics).

Inevitably, the coming weeks will be hard, frustrating, and it may seem hopeless. I encourage you to call your senator, vote, and protest when you can. My local planned parenthood posted this source that may help you find your senator's contact information, as well as other resources.

I've compiled a list of 35 reasons someone might have an abortion. While I've never had to make this choice, some of the following would be a reason for me to consider that option.

(Not so) gentle reminders: No one reason is "more valid" than another. If someone experiences one of these and chooses to have that baby, that is their right to choose, just as it should be their right to terminate the pregnancy.

1. I was not taught proper sex education and didn't understand how I could get pregnant, resulting in an adolescent pregnancy.

2. I have 3 children and already struggle to put food on the table.

3. The condom broke on a one-night stand.

4. My boyfriend and I accidentally conceived, and we are not financially ready for a child.

5. I have an ectopic pregnancy. The fetus cannot survive, and I cannot survive unless the pregnancy is terminated.

6. A child was conceived as a result of incest.

7. My partner and I are no longer together, and I have no desire (and/or the financial capabilities) to be a single parent.

8. I struggle with depression and/or anxiety, and I feel that I do not have the mental health to care for a child.

9. I don't want children.

10. I have a chronic or debilitating health concern that would be exacerbated by pregnancy.

11. A baby would dramatically affect my life at this point (or the lives of my other children).

12. My children are grown, and my husband and I do not want any more.

13. I am not mature enough to have a baby.

14. Having a child right now would halt or significantly slow down my career path.

15. We are experiencing relationship problems, and I do not want to bring a child into the mix.

16. My body has not fully developed for child-bearing.

17. I already have other people dependent on me (i.e. a sick family member), and I do not have the bandwidth for another.

18. I am trying to leave a toxic or abusive relationship.

19. I want my baby, but she has a health condition that will result in death before or shortly after birth.

20. My pregnancy was a result of rape.

21. I am only 18 and still feel like a child myself.

22. I don't want to have to drop out of school or college.

23. I am not ready for a child - financially or emotionally.

24. I have a genetic condition that I do not want to pass onto any children.

25. Because of my health conditions, I might not survive a pregnancy.

26. I have a disability that would make caring for a child very difficult.

27. My partner and I just started dating.

28. My birth control failed.

29. I would not be able to give the child the life they deserve, and I do not want them to end up in foster care.

30. I grew up in a toxic household and don't want to repeat the cycle.

31. I will not have any support from family and friends.

32. I do not want to put my body through the hardships of pregnancy.

33. I am homeless.

34. I want to be the best parent I can be to my current children.

35. I'm just not ready to have a baby.




About the author

Shelby Larsen

Warning: I love messing with your favorite fairy tales.

I've loved writing most of my life. In college I made it my passion, but once I reached the "real" world, I stopped. I'm here to find my creativity and get back to my passion.

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran3 months ago

    This was an amazing piece. I just don't get the logic behind what they're doing

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