30 Joe Biden Tweets To Inspire You To Vote Like Your Life Depends On It

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...because it does! Here are 30 tweets from October to encourage you to vote Biden/Harris this election.

30 Joe Biden Tweets To Inspire You To Vote Like Your Life Depends On It

The month is only half over and Joe Biden is having a significantly more presidential month than the actual Commander-In-Chief himself. Heck, Fox news miiight even agree! (Probably not).

From the debate stage, to town halls, to Twitter - Joe Biden is killing the presidential game with humility, patience, leadership and LOVE. Here are 30 tweets from the next President to help inspire you to vote Biden.

Why vote? Your vote is important! Enough of this craziness.

1) He believes violence against Black and Brown transgender women is an epidemic.

...meanwhile Trump is trying to strip rights left and right!

2) He believes in the power of the people.

...if we all vote, we will win!

3) He will change laws to protect the LGBTQIA2+ community.

...marginalized communities need protection.

4) He will tax the wealthy, not you.

...if you're making more than $400K/year, you can afford it.

5) He believes in healthcare.

...we're in a PANDEMIC. It's simple, folks.

6) He is confident.

...the best thing I've heard in 2020!

7) He acknowledged the anniversary of Matthew Shepard's death.

...bigotry has NO place in America!

8) He tells it like it is.


9) He showed support for Indigenous People's Day instead of Columbus Day, saying we needed to recognize our past and be better.

...admitting we have a problem is the first step to recovery.

10) He was successful in a recession before.

...Obama and Biden made such a great team.

11) He called Trump's COVID-19 response "disgraceful."

...he might have just been calling Trump disgraceful, but either way, yes!

12) He sent love to the LGBTQIA2+ community on National Coming Out Day.

...its all love from the ONLY '08 candidate who openly supported marriage equality!

13) He believes success is for everyone.

...louder for the people in the back!

14) He believes in (and encourages) voting.

...ohmigod a President who WANTS you to vote??!

15) He wants to follow science in order to avoid unnecessary casualties from Covid.

...isn't science great?

16) He wants to bring us together.

...this is a leader.

17) His running mate is an incredible woman of color.

...a woman in the White House! Yaaaaas!

18) He wants to build bridges, not walls.

...walls are for bullies.

19) In case you missed it...he will NOT increase your taxes if you make less than $400K per year.

...if you'll be getting taxed, then my Venmo is below. Feel free to use it!

20) He was the Vice President for 8 years.

...experience sounds like a gift right now!

21) He said to "Get off Twitter."

...and he asked nicely!

22) He recognizes the difficulties for a Black person to love America - and thinks about their experiences.

...can you imagine Trump thinking about anything other than his empire?

23) He has no problem calling Trump out.

...and he has the receipts.

24) He believes people are good.

...Joe's a better person than I am.

25) He believes in masks.

...can we all say SCIENCE?

26) He believes in unity.

...it's time.

27) He acknowledged the gender wage gap on Native Women's Equal Pay Day.

....because women's right and eqality is important.

28) He celebrated Filipino American History Month.

...can you imagine having a President who celebrates diversity again? #Dreamy

29) He tweeted in Korean.

...I mean...ok. You go, Joe. Yes!

30) He paid his taxes.

...I know I'd like my money back. What about you?

And there you have it! Thirty tweets from the former Vice President himself that should encourage you to go out and vote. PLEASE!

At the end of the day, would you rather have Donald Trump and Mike Pence in the White House or Joe Biden and Kamala Harris?

Is that even a hard question to answer? I hope not.


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