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Why is the blockchain an important underlying technology of the Metaverse, and what exactly can it bring?

Analyze the inextricably linked relationship between the blockchain and the metaverse from the three perspectives of identity, decentralization support and asset support

By SandyzakkPublished 2 months ago 10 min read

What is blockchain and what are its characteristics?

The concept of blockchain originated in 2008. An anonymous person named Satoshi Nakamoto proposed an architecture concept of an electronic cash system based on encryption technology in his published “Bitcoin: A Point-to-Point Electronic Advanced System” , which is essentially a decentralized distributed ledger database .

Blockchain technology and Metaverse Development Company combines cryptography, economics, and sociology. By encrypting the information in each block, it ensures that the information and data stored in the block cannot be forged and tampered with, and does not require any third-party audit, so as to A decentralized and trustless way to achieve joint maintenance by multiple parties.

In addition to encryption applications, blockchain technology has already had a lot of innovations in the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and big data, and the five most important features of blockchain have played a significant role. Let’s briefly introduce them below.

◉ Decentralization

Decentralization is the most prominent and essential feature of the blockchain. Because it is managed through distributed accounting and storage, the blockchain no longer depends on third-party management agencies or hardware facilities. There is no centralized control. All nodes All have equal rights and obligations, and can realize self-verification, transmission and management of information. The decentralized method can effectively save resources in the transaction process, and at the same time, without the intervention of a third party, it also improves the security of information.

◉ Openness

Openness can also be understood as the blockchain is an open and transparent system. Blockchain data is open to everyone. Anyone can query blockchain data records or develop related applications through the open interface. Of course, all parties to the transaction Private information is encrypted. It is precisely because of this feature that each node can achieve joint maintenance by multiple parties. Even if a node has a problem, it will not affect the entire network.

◉ Autonomy

The autonomy of the blockchain refers to the norms and protocols based on consensus, so that the participants in the system can automatically and securely verify and exchange data without any human intervention, without any human intervention, to ensure that the district The authenticity and accuracy of every transaction on the block chain will transform the trust between third parties into trust in machines, and finally realize the automatic management of data.

◉ Information cannot be tampered with

This feature can be understood literally. Once the transaction information is verified and recorded in the blockchain, it will be permanently stored and cannot be tampered with. But strictly speaking, it is not completely tamper-proof, unless you can control more than 51% of the nodes in the blockchain system at the same time, you can manipulate and modify network data. But in theory, the cost of tampering with data is much higher than the benefits, so the data in the blockchain has high security. On the contrary, this feature reduces the cost of credit and changes the centralized credit model.

◉ Anonymity

Nodes and traders on the blockchain have a unique address composed of numbers and letters to identify themselves. Since the exchange between nodes follows a fixed algorithm, the exchange of data does not require trust, so there is no need to obtain trust by disclosing identities. Unless it involves legal provisions, information transmission and transactions in the blockchain can be anonymous.

Therefore, the blockchain technology with these characteristics can bring a great effect to the metaverse, thus opening the integration of the Metaverse Development Services + blockchain.

Blockchain Provides Identity for the Metaverse

When it comes to the most basic guarantee of the metaverse, we can imagine such a scenario. If we have two “I”s in the metaverse, what kind of feeling should we feel, just like being easily copied in the Internet world? ), it is difficult to distinguish who is a copy of the same document, and such problems must not exist in the Metaverse, which is also a function that is difficult for the Internet to achieve at this stage.

However, blockchain can do it.

Just like the important features of the blockchain we described above, anti-tampering and traceability make the blockchain inherently have the characteristics of “anti-copying”, which is why the Bitcoin network, which has been born for more than 10 years, has never been hacked attack problem.

In the metaverse, apart from the current traditional identity authentication system, our identity will be connected to the blockchain identity authentication system with a high probability in the future, which means that even without the traditional identity authentication, we can still judge the identity of the user. It can also ensure that the identity of others will not be copied or stolen .

Of course, what the blockchain provides is only the function of “anti-copying”, not anti-theft. In addition to anti-copying of identities, it also includes anti-copying of assets, which we will elaborate on below.

Only by ensuring the unique identity in the metaverse, can we truly swim in the metaverse without worrying about our value being plagiarized. This is the drawback of the Internet, but because of the support of blockchain technology, the world in the metaverse will The significance has changed greatly. It can be said that only with this basic guarantee can the Metaverse truly develop.

Some time ago, the hot “ENS airdrop” in the blockchain field (ENS is the domain name system of Ethereum, similar to the .com of the Internet), actually represents a new identity authentication mark behind it. We believe that in the future metaverse, there will also be There are such products.

Blockchain Brings Decentralized Support to the Metaverse

◉ Data decentralization

Since the information age, the transmission speed of information has become faster and faster. While we enjoy the convenience brought by technology, the possibility of our own privacy exposure has become higher and higher invisible . Technology giants often obtain a large amount of our personal data by providing us with many free services, but we don’t know how these data will be kept and used. But we clearly know that these data are not safe. Even Facebook, which has nearly 3 billion users, is often exposed to the problem of user data being leaked.

These leaked personal data are often misused, ranging from harassing our daily life to affecting our property safety and life safety. Such problems will also be more obvious in the Metaverse, because the Metaverse will involve many digital assets. If our personal data is used to authenticate some platforms, then criminals are likely to steal our digital assets. Therefore, how to ensure the security of our data in the Metaverse Development solution is very important.

The blockchain is called the Internet of Value, because it can guarantee that the data on it will not be tampered with, cannot be forged, and the transmission of data can be traced, so it can transmit value and rights. If our precious personal data is decentralized through blockchain technology, this can realize that our data is owned by us personally, and no one can tamper with it, nor can it be disposed of at will .

If an organization wants to use our personal data, it needs to be authorized by us and pay the corresponding authorization fee. If combined with some privacy or encryption technology, it can even achieve that the other party can only obtain some desensitized data, or can only verify We are an eligible participant without knowing who I am.

With the blessing of the blockchain, the metaverse in the future can be closer to real-world interactions. For example, buyers and sellers don’t need to know who the other party is, and they don’t have to worry about being harassed by phone calls when buying virtual real estate in the metaverse.

◉ Rules are open and transparent

One of the characteristics of the metaverse is that it is very similar to the operating rules of the real world, and it will have a very strong sense of real immersion. Then the most scenes we encounter in reality are rules. Specifically, all our actions are in the Within the protection and constraints of the law, to ensure our normal life. However, the existing legal framework is also difficult to avoid some centralized evil situations, such as black-box operations, secretly modifying rules, and so on.

These problems will also occur in the network-based metaverse. Fortunately, there is blockchain technology in the network that can solve this problem. “Code is Law”, which means code is law, is a distinctive feature of blockchain that has always been talked about .

Because the blockchain is decentralized and open and transparent, the rules can be written in code in advance through smart contracts, so as to ensure that the code is not a part of black-box operations, and that no one can tamper with the rules. Once the rules are written, they can be executed automatically. When the conditions set by the rules are triggered, the smart contracts in the blockchain can perform corresponding operations according to the settings. This is the interpretation of code as law .

In this way, various behaviors in the metaverse can be fair, just, safe and reliable under the protection of the blockchain. The metaverse will also become more legal and harmonious, and the blockchain is an important technical basis for ensuring the social environment in the metaverse.

Blockchain Provides Asset Backing for the Metaverse

For the metaverse, credible asset value is a very important component. Because there is no strong centralized organization in the relatively free metaverse, everyone is the master of their own metaverse.

In this case, the metaverse will gradually develop its own economic system, and has a unique economic system, which needs to realize asset value certification under the premise of decentralization, and all of this is inseparable from the blockchain technology. support. The NFT supported by blockchain technology has reasonably and efficiently empowered the assets in the metaverse, and the blockchain technology itself has brought the possibility of asset digitization .

◉ Asset digitization

In addition, the digitization of assets is also a topic that the Metaverse cannot avoid. Assets in the Metaverse Token Development Company are recorded on the blockchain, which can complete instant interactions while ensuring security.

Trading is a very important part of social interaction. Human beings have grown from ignorant primitives to highly civilized and developed social beings. Barter exchange plays a vital role. Throughout the history of human trade, it is a history of human development. Then, as a replica of all production and lifestyles in the physical world, the metaverse needs a safe, traceable and transparent payment method, and this can fundamentally guarantee the freedom of users .

As a non-tamperable decentralized ledger, the blockchain can meet the requirements of metaverse asset digitization. From the underlying logic, it has advantages that other technologies cannot match in terms of instant transactions and credibility.


On the whole, the blockchain has entered a relatively stable development stage after experiencing a bubble period, and has also attracted the attention of global technology practitioners. As a master of technology, the Metaverse is also inseparable from the blockchain. Therefore, we need to pay attention not only to the development of the metaverse, but also to the progress of its important underlying technology blockchain, and the effective integration of the two will bring new business innovations.

Of course, the current development of the metaverse may not need to rely on too much blockchain, but as long as the metaverse maintains an open and free network, it will inevitably meet the blockchain. As our article said, the blockchain The chain will bring subversive changes to the metaverse, and will also influence the current Internet form .

As for the degree of decentralization of the metaverse in the future, and the degree of security and efficiency, this must be inseparable from the development of the blockchain.

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