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What Should You Do Now That The Market Has Crashed?

by Luna 7 months ago in wallets / tokens / smart contract / product review / mining / ico / hodl / ethereum / book review / blockchain / bitcoin / alt coins
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Here's how to begin making money.

What Should You Do Now That The Market Has Crashed?
Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

I'm hearing right now that the stock market is poised to crash. To be honest, I'm neither a financial advisor nor an expert on the subject. But I don't want to invest and lose money.

I'm in my twenties and have never been in a car accident. So, as of the end of 2020, I've begun investing.

I was able to gradually but consistently increase my wealth via investing. I kept investing in specific stocks, bought some cryptos, and then started a SIP to invest in index funds.

Its worth has soared so far. To diversify my portfolio, I sought to buy in US and Indian equities.

But now is a different story.

Stocks in the United States are falling.

In the United States, the stock market has been progressively decreasing. As you may be aware, Meta's stock has declined by more than 20% in a single day and by 35.72 percent in the last month.

You may argue that there are a variety of reasons behind this, including the change of name to Meta or the issue of data privacy.

However, how about Tesla? Its stock price has decreased 17.85 percent in a month.

In a similar way, we can watch the share prices of Paypal, Amazon, and other corporations.

In addition, the Indian stock market is losing ground.

I also invest in the Indian stock market, as I have said. The same type of market fall may be seen now.

We have the Nifty 50 and Sensex in India, which are equivalent to the S& P 500 and Nasdaq in the United States.

In a single day, the Nifty 50 lost 4.72 percent of its value.

The same is true for the cryptocurrency market.

In June 2021, I invested in cryptocurrencies. Right now, it's roughly the same price.

Ethereum follows a similar path

I don't buy shitcoins like Cardano or Dogecoin very often, but they followed the same pattern.

I don't invest in real estate or any other field, therefore I'm not familiar with them. However, you get the impression that both cryptocurrency and equities are in decline.

The confrontation between Russia and Ukraine, as well as the high rate of inflation, are to blame.

So that's where I'm at the moment.

Attempting to make more money

To be honest, my father isn't really well-off, so I don't stand to lose anything. As a result, I'm making an effort to boost my profits.

If I have more money, I can afford to take more chances. You're undoubtedly aware that I have a day job and a side hustle if you follow me on Medium.

And I invested the majority of my funds in equities and cryptocurrencies.

It will aid me in making consistent stock and cryptocurrency investments. This does not suggest that I am selling any of my stocks or digital assets.

I'm simply trying to earn more money so that I may put money in my pocket.

If anything bad happens, it will be easier to invest additional money.

Investing in stocks and cryptocurrencies

No one knows the lowest price of a stock or cryptocurrency. We have no idea how much the market will drop. So, what are the possibilities available to us?

I'll simply wait a few weeks before investing all of my monthly profits in it.

Simply said, I'll be buying stocks and cryptocurrencies every month. It will help me prevent FOMO while also saving time.

Don't get worked up over anything

We're all aware of the precarious situation we're in. As a result, the stock market has dropped dramatically.

So don't be concerned; sell your entire portfolio and accept a loss. Do what I'm going to do instead.

Remember that during a recession or a market crash, the majority of investors have made money.

Where Do We Go From Here?

I plan to keep my money in Crypto and Stocks for the next year or two. As a result, I'm not concerned in the least.

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