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What is Spintop Network?

by Juan Cienfuegos 6 months ago in alt coins · updated 6 months ago
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Everything you need to know about the ultimate GameFi Ecosystem

Source: Spintop

Let's talk about Spintop.

Spintop is a project that is building an ecosystem related to GameFi, Play to Earn, or Blockchain Games. Currently, it is very difficult to find everything related to Blockchain Gaming in one place since everything is scattered among many ecosystems, and what Spintop wants is to facilitate the interaction of all these ecosystems.

Spintop is creating an interface where you can interact and find information of all kinds related to Blockchain games.

They want to become the Google of Blockchain video games.

Why Spintop?

"The variety of games, NFT's and tokens scattered around the blockchain make it almost impossible to play multiple games and utilize their NFTs without getting overwhelmed. Spintop is a blockchain-exclusive gaming platform where the community can discover and play games, trade their tokens & NFT's, and earn together within a shared economy by the moderation of a carefully curated MMR mechanism. Whether you're a game developer, a fierce gamer, or an investor, Spintop has the tools you need to experience blockchain gaming to the fullest." - Spintop

More details, here:

Spintop is Building "The Gamepedia"

Gamepedia will basically be like a Wikipedia where you can find different types of video games, information about them, how to play them, what requirements you need. All the information you need from different video games will be found there. Entering the Gamepedia you will find a list of video games and you can explore which games catch your attention and learn from them step by step.

NFT Marketplace

"Built upon the concept outlined above, NFT Marketplace will be the main supply grounds for the guilds of the Guild Maker and the players. The guilds or the solo players will be selling, buying, or lending the items needed to complete their arsenal and teams by using the assets listed in Spintop Marketplace in the simplest way possible. We will complete our vision of Spintop by unifying The Gamepedia and The Guild Maker with the NFT Marketplace.

In a nutshell, the NFT marketplace will be the gathering point for both the guilds and the users where they will be listing their NFTs for sale or lending. In the case of sales, listed NFTs will have a tag price from where the bidding starts and the highest bidder transacts the listed NFT to its wallet. In the lending case, the items will have a preset price for certain periods of usage."- Spintop

Introducing Spindex

Spindex is not something that is going to revolutionize the market but it is something innovative. It will be a decentralized exchange, an automatic market maker where you can do trades, staking, and farming but focused on a specific niche: tokens related to video games. There will be no Defi tokens.

It will be quite useful and friendly, especially for new people who want to enter the ecosystem.

Guild Maker

These are basically video game clans. Here you can create yours very easily, and you can also lend your NFT's of different video games for these scholarships. You can recruit people who want to play with your assets.

"The Guild Maker will act in a social manner with multiple guilds. The sponsors who allocate their assets to the guild pools will be the regulator of that specific guild while the scholars play the games by picking the needed items both from their individually allocated NFT’s and the NFT pool of their registered guild. The earnings of the scholars will be shared between the guild and the scholar with the higher percentage belonging to the scholar. The rest of the earnings will be distributed to the guild's asset contributors and will be managed with smart contracts that are governed by the sponsors. The guilds will be competing in weekly raids, the most successful guilds and the best performing scholars will be rewarded by the Spintop Team." - Spintop [Guild Maker]


Spintop appears to be a useful infrastructure tool that is betting on the entire video game ecosystem and not on one specific video game.


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