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What is AFX Coin?

by James Parker about a year ago in product review
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The Introduction To Assetfinx Utility Token


AssetfinX is a simplified & integrated ecosystem and it meets the fundamental needs of crypto traders by offering stable and protected access for all our crypto services anytime, anywhere. AssetfinX aims to uphold a high level of confidentiality of its customers’ assets, personal details, and activities inside the ecosystem. Assetfinx’s ultimate goal is to implement the latest revenue-generating trends of the crypto industry and make them available inside the Assetfinx ecosystem to gain more customer base, trust, and promote positive competition in the crypto world.

What is an AFX Coin?

Assetfinx’s native coin was named as Assetfinx coin. Its symbol is AFX.

AFX coin is created as a utility token on top of the ethereum blockchain and it was built under the ERC-20 protocol to provide outstanding benefits for traders. The maximum supply of AFX coins will be 50 million.

AFX coin can be utilized as a payment option or a token across all integrated services of the Assetfinx ecosystem. Traders can utilize the private sale option in Assetfinx IEO, to buy AFX coins easily along with rewards and bonuses.

AFX - Token Specification

  • Coin Name: Assetfinx Coin
  • Symbol: AFX
  • Token Protocol: ERC - 20
  • Total Supply: 50,000,000 (Alltime)

AFX - Token Allocation

  • Maximum Supply: 50,000,000
  • Initial release: 5,000,000
  • Mintable: Yes - up to 50 Million on a yearly basis.
  • Burnable: No
  • Yearly Mint: 5,000,000 - 10% of the total supply
  • Multisig: Yes - Mint & Distribution is controlled by Multisig.
  • Special Condition: Yearly Mint - Only if previously minted supply remains in circulation.

Why should users buy Assetfinx coins?

i) Open access to all Assetfinx services.

​​​​Once users purchase AFX coins, they are entitled to use them in Aseetfinx’s decentralized exchange, P2P exchange, centralized exchange, and all other modules of Assetfinx.

ii) Discounted trading fee.

Trading with Assetfinx involves no deposit fee. Only network charges will be paid by users. On top of it, traders get discounted fees on Maker & Taker when they hold AFX coins.

iii) Access to 25% profit sharing.

According to the Assetfinx revenue-sharing model, a percentage of profit from the Assetfinx income will be distributed among membership plans for AFX holders.

How to get Assetfinx Coin (AFX)?

i) IEO/Launchpad:

AFX coins can be purchased from Assetfinx’s own IEO/Launchpad platform. Sale page: AFX coin sale.

ii) Referral Rewards

Users can participate in referral reward programs and earn AFX coins for free by inviting their friends and peers to the Assetfinx platform.

iii) Bounty Programs

Bounty hunters are offered the highest rewards in terms of AFX coins upon successful completion of bug bounty projects.

iv) Trade (Current IEO/Market price)

AFX coins can be purchased at the corresponding IEO/Market price on other exchanges once it’s listed.

Bottom line

Assetfinx integrated ecosystem offers a wide range of services catering to the needs of a global audience. With AFX coins, the entire operation on the platform is made a whole lot simpler and faster. To participate in Assetfinx IEO and earn AFX coins for a secure future, visit - >> Assetfinx Launchpad.

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