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An Overview of the Cool Dogs Collection

By Ece UygucPublished about a year ago 5 min read
Cool Dogs NFT Collection

I got involved in the NFT world only two weeks ago. I had no idea of what it was before then. NFTs are still considered to be in the early stages since the first known use of the word NFT was in 2017.

For those who are unfamiliar with this digital world, I will explain briefly what NFTs are all about and share my own experiences.

As an official definition of Merriam-Webster dictionary, NFT is a unique digital identifier that cannot be copied, substituted, or subdivided, that is recorded in a blockchain, and that is used to certify authenticity and ownership.

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are quite popular nowadays. Perhaps the reason for this interest is the longing for the spirit of being a community that helps and supports each other. It is an entertaining way of investing by making good friendships and playing games. Due to the pandemic, most people now spend more time at home in front of their PCs than before, providing more opportunities for opening up to digital worlds such as NFT.

The NFT community is currently working on very new projects, undertaking important initiatives for themselves and the world, and they are working on a drive that wants everyone within the community to win.

My First NFT from Cool Dogs Collection

Now, I would like to introduce you to my first NFT and how I decided to buy it. My first NFT is a cool dog, which is from a collection of 5,000 programmatically and randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

I did not find a chance to buy the NFT on the launch date because I did not have a Metamask wallet at that time, which every NFT collector should have in order to trade in the NFT world. The release of the first generation of the Cool Dogs took place on November 16th. All the NFTs in the collection were sold out on the very first day of the launch. Therefore, I had to open an account in OpenSea to buy an original cool dog after the minting has ended. If you also intend to buy a cool dog, please make sure to purchase it from their official page on OpenSea.

Screenshot by author

Cool Dogs Official Page on OpenSea

Cool Dogs’ Discord Community

Every NFT project has a community of its own and has a discord group sharing thoughts and ideas. I heard about the Cool Dogs’ community through Twitter and joined the discord group to have an idea of what they were all about.

All the members of the group were very warm and welcoming. They were all helping each other when anyone had any questions, were sharing their own experiences, and they gave all the information needed during the decision process to buy an NFT even if you were a newcomer.

Before purchasing an NFT, it is very important to research the team or person behind the NFT project. In addition, it is crucial that the community consists of reliable and project-oriented people.

As a result of the knowledge and friendships I gained in this discord group, I decided to have a cool dog and I am very contented with this decision.

Cool Dogs NFT Collection

An NFT is valuable as long as the founder and development team offer a strong and viable roadmap. You can find detailed information about the roadmap of this collection on the Cool dogs official website. One of the most important initiatives that started to be realized immediately after the sold out phase was the charity for dogs. As a community, they started to donate to the dogs in need from day one and shared this transparently on their official Twitter account.

This initiative was very crucial because we all know that helping another creature in need is one of the things that makes a person happiest. This made all cool dog owners very proud.

NFT communities periodically make spaces on Twitter and share information with their members about what they have realized and will do in the coming days in terms of their roadmap. Last week, Cool Dogs community organized a joint broadcast with Alpacadabraz, another NFT project for a very good cause. As soon as the space ended, a specially designed alpacadog was put up for auction in OpenSea, and money gained from this sale will be used to help dogs.

Another important part of Cool dogs’ roadmap and something that all members look forward to is breeding. When the breeding stage is reached, owners of two or more cool dogs will have the right to have a puppy. For this reason alone, many members have already bought their second cool dog right away. As a devoted cool dog owner, I did not want to miss such a good opportunity and bought my second cool dog NFT, as well.

My second cool dog NFT

Cool Dogs development team has started mini animated video series to amuse the members. To engage all the members in these videos, the subject of the next video and which cool dogs to be presented was determined by the vote of the cool dog owners.

Many other topics, just as in the video production, are agreed upon by taking the opinions of the members and proceeding accordingly. I think such engagements are very crucial for the members to feel part of the project.

I am very happy to be a member of the Cool Dogs family, and like all other members I am doing my best to develop this project. Together we have built a beautiful family and I hope everyone will benefit from this family both spiritually and profitably through this entertaining investment we have made.

Financial Disclaimer

This is not financial advice. I am not a financial advisor. This article is for expressing my personal opinions. Please do thorough research and make your own decisions before purchasing NFTs.

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