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Want to Mint Money? Make Your Own OpenSea Clone!

by Jade Mckinley 5 months ago in blockchain
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NFT lover’s favourite marketplace is OpenSea. Start minting money and become a part of the NFT game by creating your OpenSea marketplace clone.

NFT marketplace like OpenSea

NFTs are the talk of the town. Owning NFTs is the new pride. NFTs market value surpassed 40 billion last year. There's no saying how much more it will rise this year, but one thing we can say for sure is that without a doubt, it will increase! It is an invention so unique and capable that it transformed many from rags to riches.

Selling and buying NFTs requires a reliable marketplace such as OpenSea. A marketplace is the only way to buy and sell these digital assets, be it art, music to virtual land. There are many NFT marketplaces, but only a few captured the traders' attention.

OpenSea Marketplace

One of NFT lovers' favourite marketplace is OpenSea. It is also one of the largest P2P NFT marketplaces in the crypto world. It has over 1.2 million traders and has surpassed over $20 billion in overall sales. OpenSea has proved the value of the NFT marketplace, thereby paving the way for OpenSea clones.

Many entrepreneurs have assessed the heights to which NFTs will grow. Investing in an NFT marketplace is more profitable for entrepreneurs. . So they seek to build an NFT marketplace like OpenSea. They want a marketplace that possesses the features and functionalities of OpenSea marketplace.

Are you interested in building an NFT marketplace? Do you want your share of the NFT profit? Then read this blog till the end to know the hows and whys of building an NFT marketplace like OpenSea.

What is an OpenSea clone?

A marketplace that looks and feels like OpenSea but is not. This marketplace is created with a clone script that replicates the ame features and functionalities of OpenSea. You can also customize it the way you want and make it better and more user-friendly. If you own an OpenSea marketplace clone, you will generate income from listing fees, commission fees, bidding fees, etc.

It is a pre-engineered marketplace forged on the decentralized blockchain network. An NFT marketplace like OpenSea facilitates an entrepreneur to launch their marketplace quickly.

Why pick an OpenSea clone for starting your NFT venture??

It earns the trust of the traders by allowing them to trade only after they have submitted all their required information and created an account for themself.

Wallets provide additional information and safety. The crypto wallets of the buyers are synced to the marketplace if they want to buy from this marketplace. Sellers need not sync their wallets. They only need to provide vital information such as product details.

The seller decides whether to sell or auction. The buyer either pays a fixed amount or participates in the auction based on the seller's choice.

Once the buying process is completed, the buyer owns the NFT. The platform owner levies an additional fee, such as a convenience fee, for ensuring safe transactions.

Features of OpenSea clone

If you want an NFT marketplace like OpenSea, you need the fundamental features of OpenSea. Some of the most important elements to be included and bettered are as follows:

Mesmerizing Dashboard

The storefront will have all the information of the NFTs that are listed in your marketplace. It includes relevant details such as the owner's name, value history, bids, and much more.

NFT listing and tracking information

Traders can mint money by enlisting their items with the required information. They can also track their listed digital assets until a buyer owns the said assets.

Search Bar

A search bar makes it easier for users to search and buy digital assets of their choice. A search bar can be made possible by categorizing the data assets.


This feature allows the users to store and buy and sell with ease in your marketplace. You have two choices. You can create your wallet or integrate popular wallets with your target audience. The second option lets users link their wallets with your OpenSea Clone marketplace.


Sellers have the option to auction. Auctions help them to get the maximum ROI. The buyers who have already entered the auction can only bid. The person who bids the highest at the end of the auction owns the NFT.

Points to Ponder on to create a Marketplace like OpenSea:

Identify your niche

The world of NFTs is wide open to new possibilities. You need to figure out your interests and pick a niche accordingly. Your main domain will determine who your target audience is. You have to decide whether to pick art, music, sports, etc.

Come up with an easy to use UI/UX

The marketplace should be user-friendly, i.e., the UI/UX should be easy to use and offer various accessibility. This will make the marketplace easy to familiarize with and trade more.

Front and Back End Development

This comes after the designing phase. This is when you can implement ideas of how your marketplace looks and feels. You can pick your tech stack according to your suitability, and it forms the framework for your marketplace.

Testing and Development

This is the last step but not the least. Testing ensures that the platform runs smoothly and without technical glitches or bugs. These steps also make sure that your marketplace is upto the mark in performance quality.

Up To You!

To create an NFT marketplace or not is up to you, but the creation of non-fungible tokens has brought about another industrial revolution. If you have a unique product and are loved by your users, isn't it better to widen that client base by turning your products into an NFT?

Almost everyone who seeks the NFT trade market will reap the benefits, so do not fear new technologies. For, newer the technology greater the opportunity to profit from it. To grab the lump sum amount immediately contact a company that can build the best OpenSea Clone. Get them to implement your ideas and start minting money.


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