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By SHAKAYLA VASSERPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

On New Year's Eve, a gathering order to many Chinese Communist Party members from the reunion dinner brought to a war without smoke of gunpowder "epidemic", the epidemic is the order, prevention and control is the responsibility. Fighting the epidemic prevention and control war is the most important "epidemic" facing all over the country. Many Communist Party members have written "letters of invitation" to fight the novel coronavirus to the end, but your figure standing in front of the dawn and passing through the wind and rain has become a beautiful scenery. "What time is quiet, but someone is carrying the burden for you." White dress wrapped in the original intention, rushed to the aid of the epidemic front line "the doctor's benevolence, duty bound, regardless of remuneration, regardless of life and death, responsibility, we request to fight." When you put on the white robe, you have been on the back and "death" rob the mission, you stand in front of the bed to encourage the patient, and his eyes already wet. "We Communists rush to the front line "! Waving goodbye, fearless, you choose to be a "rebel", in order to fight against the clock, you put on diapers, cut strands of hair, just to be able to pull back one of your compatriots in the jaws of death. "Everyone is responsible for the rise and fall of the world." While your colleagues were infected on the front lines, you marched backward into the most dangerous battlefields, fighting on the front lines, in order to fulfill your pledge to join the Party. Academician Zhong Nanshan, Professor Dong Zongqi, President Zhang Dingyu... You continue to struggle figure "true beauty", please protect yourself, we are waiting for your triumphant return.

A mask printed under the bear, standing in the front line of prevention and control a mask in your red cheeks left deep impression, this impression is the trace of the face mask covered your face, but left you the most beautiful figure. "The world's worries and worries first, after the world's joy and joy". No one is an "outsider" or "bystander" in the battle against the epidemic without smoke of gunpowder. It is more important for Communist Party members to stand up and volunteer to take the lead, so that it is their duty to defend the soil, shoulder the responsibility to defend the soil and do their duty to defend the soil. New Year's Day, you take the "military order", guard at every highway intersection, just to do "outside to prevent import, inside to prevent proliferation". The piercing wind and rain in the early morning attacked your position, you are still standing tall and straight in the front line of prevention and control, leaving the figure of the courage to bear. Adhering to the tenet of "life is more important than Mount Tai" and "serving the people wholeheartedly", you braved difficulties and dangers and marched forward into every household to do a good job in prevention and control publicity, epidemic monitoring and comprehensive investigation. Twenty thousand goggles carry the mission, charge the smoke-free battlefield "Twenty thousand goggles must be delivered here tonight!" This is the Premier's commitment to the frontline medical staff during the epidemic investigation in Wuhan. The goggles were handed over to the frontline medical staff to convey its mission. A Party member is a Party flag. You are working day and night in Huoshen Mountain and Leishenshan Mountain to let the Party flag fly high on the front line of the fight against the epidemic. A red proposal, every time a hard explanation, only to mobilize the masses, organize the masses, gather the masses, together to fight the enemy, hand in hand to form a strong fortress of joint prevention and control, mass prevention and mass governance." The spring breeze willows tens of thousands, 600 million Shenzhou do Shun Yao."


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