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Understanding Soroban | Stellar Smart Contract Platform

An open-source blockchain called Stellar facilitates international business transactions.

By Bhuvan DeshwalPublished 7 months ago 4 min read

The blockchain has pre-released Soroban to facilitate the building and deployment of Stellar smart contract (SSC). This article will help you understand this Stellar blockchain development for smart contracts, its use cases, and more.

Stellar Blockchain

Stellar is an open-source and decentralized global trading network that enables inexpensive transfers between digital currency and fiat money. Also, it allows cross-border currency exchanges between any two currencies. It uses blockchain technology, just like other cryptocurrencies, to maintain network synchronization.

Stellar is more efficient, speedier, and less costly than alternative blockchain-based solutions for financial access and inclusion. Stellar Lumens (XLM) is the native cryptocurrency of Stellar to enable international transactions.

It offers an efficient system for fast and low-cost digital asset issuance and transfer.

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Stellar Smart Contracts (SSC)

Smart contracts define and secure connections via computer networks by integrating user interfaces and protocols. The goals and guiding principles of smart contract development come from concepts of secure protocols, economic theory, and legal principles.

The Stellar network expresses smart contracts as Stellar smart contracts (SSCs). An SSC has connected transactions that follow different constraints to function. When developing SSCs, the following constraints can be taken into account and implemented:


Multisignature refers to a concept in which different people must sign transactions from an account. Thresholds and weights for signatures can also be set.


The concept of batching combines several actions into a single transaction. Atomicity results in the failure of the entire operation in a transaction if a single operation fails.


Sequence numbers represent sequences on the Stellar network. The blockchain utilizes these sequence numbers to regulate transactions and ensure that transactions fail if a substitute is present.

Time Bounds

Time bounds set limits on how long a transaction can be valid. They express periods in an SSC.

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Soroban - a Smart Contract Platform

Soroban is a smart contract platform for the Stellar network. Stellar network, based on WASM (web assembly) and Rust, supports Soroban's Turing-complete smart contracts. Soroban on Stellar will provide use cases aimed at expanding access to financial services when combined with the power of the Stellar network.

Founders created this new type of smart contract platform for the built-to function. A preview of Soroban is live on Futurenet. Now, developers can start creating and deploying smart contracts on a test system with Soroban and can earn rewards for their work.

Founders built Soroban for scalability, a battery-included developer experience, and reliable access to financial channels via the Stellar network.

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Soroban Design Principles

Founders developed Soroban to perform through the following three design principles:

  • Battery-included
  • Soroban was designed with the purpose of giving developers a battery-included experience. Developers have direct access to the resources they need to start quickly and deploy solutions successfully.

A local sandbox will be available to Soroban developers for quick setup and iterative development. As a result, they can run and debug their contracts independently, locally, and without the assistance of the Stellar network.

A comprehensive and effective set of host functions and built-in contracts are also available to save time. One such function is a built-in efficient token contract that eliminates the need to copy and paste ERC-20 contracts.

  • Scalability

Another principle of Soroban is scalability. The platform offers a base that can support concurrency immediately. Soroban transactions comprise footprints as transaction dependencies. They simultaneously execute group transactions using modern multi-core hardware.

Soroban does not have the majority of the deserialization and serialization loops. The smart contract development process is easy as the platform does not have encoding and decoding, which consumes significant time and computer resources.

  • Access to Financial Rail
  • Soroban creates trusted connectivity to financial networks via the Stellar network. Creators integrated Soroban into the current Stellar ecosystem and tech stack. As a result, developers can take full advantage of Stellar's strengths as a tested, reliable network.

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Stellar Smart Contract Use Cases

The following are the SSC use cases:

  • Digital Identity and NFTs
  • Developers can use Stellar smart contracts for non-fungible tokens (NFTs). People can convert their gaming assets, certifications, credentials, and more into digital assets on the Stellar blockchain. The blockchain stores the metadata of these assets. The metadata is set up by the Stellar smart contract code to identify ownership and reassign it to the NFT.

  • Decentralized Finance (DeFi)
  • Stellar smart contracts (SSCs) enable the functioning of decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions, including borrowing, lending, tokenization, payment apps, and more. DeFi businesses utilize them to protect the atomic escrow account. Here, SSCs' regulations control the assets. Programs won't disclose these materials until specific requirements have been met.

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Stellar Smart Contract Development

Looking for a Stellar smart contract development team? Get in touch with our team of Stellar blockchain developers, who have experience building smart contracts utilizing Soroban to design and build smart contracts.

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